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Here are the top 100 movies on Hulu:

puffy-chair.jpg100. The Puffy Chair
Year: 2005
Director: Jay Duplass
comedy that launched the filmmaking brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, The Puffy Chair a deceptively simple story of a couple (Mark Duplass and real wife Katie Aselton) hits the road with his brother (Rhett Wilkins) buying exact replica of the chair his father used to own. But of course, the journey is not so simple, because the issues of family, commitment and maturity begin to appear upp.Skylta easy, empathetic approach that would soon make him an indie-movie staple, Mark Duplass are well paired with Aselton, resulting in one of mumblecore most credible, nuanced twentysomething relationships. Bittersweet and insightful, The Puffy Chair ‘s funny because its findings as true: We laugh because we recognize ourselves in these characters. If you still like these characters in their 30s, but you might want to look at that.- Tim Grierson br clear = “all”>

Wireframe twins.jpg99. The Skeleton Twins
Year: 2014
Director: Ted Manahan
OK, I’ll admit it. I thought the hype surrounding this film in Sundance was because everyone loved Saturday Night Live twins Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig as much as they had fluffed an average movie. What I did not notice was that the movie was directed (and co-written) by Craig Johnson, the man behind the understated indie True youth. Although I had realized that I was not sure I would have been prepared for what I saw – two stunning performances from players who had never really moved me before, an amazing script that deservedly won the Waldo Salt Screen Award at the end of the week, a couple of brilliant supporting turns from Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell, and a film with a heart as big as the moon, about two messed up people just trying to get by. The characters move in and out of likeability, but the film never does.- Michael Dunaway

last-day-of-disco.jpg98. The Last Days of Disco
Year: 1998
Director: Whit Stillman
often overlooked in the late ’80s / early’ 90s American independent film golden age Learned auteur Whit Stillman, whose debut film “Metropolitan” was a critical and commercial art house smash. With 1998 Last Days of Disco , we Stillman at the height of his power-sharp, smart longing. Stylish, but not ironic, writer and director both satirizes and regrets the passing of a generation, the age of innocence, and thus provides a kind of unsentimental tenderness that we do not see enough in today’s independent cinema. Whit Stillman would not make another film until 2012’s Dust in distress , but his novelization of the Last Days of Disco would go on to win the Prix Fitzgerald Award.- Chris White

rounders.jpg97. Rounders
Year: 1988
Director: John Dahl
In his first major starring role for Good Will Hunting , Matt Damon plays a poker pro who swear by the game after losing their savings in an all-or-nothing game with seedy Teddy KGB played by John Malkovich. He roped back to the table when his duplicitous childhood friend, played by Edward Norton, coming out of prison and have to pay some lingering gambling debts, but are short on cash. It opened to mixed reviews in 1988, but has become a cult favorite, especially with the rise of television poker.- Ryan Away

trade places.jpg96. Trading Places
Year: 1983
Director: John Landis
A scorching take on The Prince and the Pauper story filtered through the prism of the decade of greed, Trading Places stars Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy and high-class broker Louis Winthorpe III and homeless street vagrants Billy Ray Valentine . As part of a “nursing Vs. natural “experiments of the Duke brothers, two wealthy but unscrupulous business magnates, Louis and Billy ends up suddenly, per title, trading places on the social ladder. The Dukes Louis framework for drug trafficking, resulting in him losing both his job and his girlfriend, and then solve Billy out of jail and give him Louis old jobs and high-class apartment. When Billy and Louis detect this fraud, the launching a plan for revenge. With both Murphy and Aykroyd on top of their game, Trading Places represents an excellent example of the kind of smart, yet decidedly un-PC comedy that could only exist at a certain point in the 80s (Aykroyd’s blackface-heavy disguise of a scene, for example, would never fly in today’s market). An ice-cold 80’s classic if ever there one.- Mark Rozeman

hook.jpg95. Hook
Year: 1991
Director: Steven Spielberg They just do not make them like this längre.Oavsett if you were the kid who went to see Hook in the theater 10 times, or the parent who took them, this film is a timeless for all generations. It is Spielberg at his finest, where the adventures and lessons in morality intertwine just enough to learn a lesson and enjoy ourselves at the same time. It is also packed with loved performances: Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell, Dustin Hoffman as Hook (no one can beat the captain) and then, of course, Robin Williams as Peter. We should not even have to explain ourselves here: Robin Williams as Peter Pan-period. We can not forget one of the most magical scenes in the movie when the Lost Boys gobble up an imaginary, colorful celebration. Rufio! Rufio – Meredith Alloway

room-237.jpg94. Room 237
Director: Rodney Ascher
Year: 2013
It is a rare species of forced cinephile: hyper-fan who focus on a movie, mentally and emotionally intake are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of times. Along a certain parallel, there is also a serious type of conspiracy theorists, forced in his beliefs, take things way beyond just watching Doomsday Preppers for fun. These two types inextricably linked, you get room 237 , the confounding, eye-opening and often hilarious documentary about people whose thread on brains devoted to a cinematic masterpiece, Stanley Kubrickär The Shining . The most peculiar and perplexing theories in room 237 posit The Shining either as a vehicle intended to comment on the dark, oppressive periods of history, or a massive, cryptic revelation. As a cinema sociologist, it seems the director Rodney Ascher as a non-participant observer, let their room 237 volunteers sell themselves, leaving us to jump on, laughing or staring in amazement. As a documentary filmmaker, Ascher voraciously delves into the stories, Freeze Frame 1980 classic, adding explanatory graphics and complex maps of the hotel’s physical layout. As subjects analyze Kubrick, Ascher analyze their analyzes, which in turn inspires an analysis of Room 237 itself, leading to a documentary that turns into its own bowels so thoroughly, one can not help but feel the same way obsessed by the film’s end . – standard Schrager

Wolf-wall st.jpg93. The Wolf of Wall Street
Year: 2013
Director: Martin Scorsese It is tempting to compare The Wolf of Wall Street with the other famous ode to the financial district surplus,Wall Street . But even if the two films share a layer of message see the high-flying lifestyle loose morals and shaky ethics can take you in the country stock! -Scorsese Film is a meaner, more cynical, and, worst of all, probably truer vision lifestyles of the rich, profligate and famous. (Oliver Stone’s 1987 film seems quaintly naive comparison.) The Wolf of Wall Street lacks even the appearance of a moral center except for a few half-hearted, mopey warnings from her father (Rob Reiner), Belfort has no real conscience. While Agent Patrick Denham (Kyle Chandler), who runs and catches him an excellent opportunity to give a face to the people Belfort has scammed-seems little more than an uncomfortable party pooper. Not content with the implicit message of the ease Belfort punishment, Scorsese also rub it in a bit with a last look at Denham ride home on subway.- Michael Burgin

audio city.jpg92. Sound City
Year: 2013
Director: Dave Grohl
Sound City is more than a piece of recording equipment. It is the story of Fleetwood Mac. It is the story of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It is the story of drum tones and 80s hair metal and Nevermind and Johnny Cash recordings with Rick Rubin.Det is a sprawling documentary regret what has been lost in the analog recording without ignoring the benefits of the technology. And as the legendary board leave their original homes and lands in Grohl studio, the documentary shifts to a party in the studio magic. Grohl invites musicians like Rick Springfield, Stevie Nicks and Paul McCartney to join him in the studio and make new music. In the film’s best moments, Grohl and McCartney are in the middle of a particularly big jams, and Grohl turns to Sir Paul says “you do not wish it were always so easy?” Macca looks at him and says, “It is. “- Josh Jackson

35.13assassins.NetflixList.jpg91. Assas 13
Year: 2011
Director: Miike
I hesitate to make any big claims about Miike grow as an artist because he always diverse and most of his pictures did not find distribution this case, paragraph one of his 2011 productions are sure -to-be -löjligt Ninja Kids !!! . But 13 Assasssins feels like the work of a more mature filmmaker and perhaps the beginning of a new path for Miike, still strapped in their content but more considered what the content says. It is a Miike film, for once, can be recommended without reservation, boldly treading new ground, but also to take stock of what comes before and not reject it outright.- Sean Gandert

ginger-snaps.jpg90. gingerbread
Year: 2000
Director: John Fawcett
Ginger Snaps is a high school werewolf story, but before you go making any Twilight comparisons simply let me state for the record that was Twilight ‘s sentimental, Ginger Snaps is evil. A couple obsessed with death, outsiders sisters are facing issues of maturity and sexual awakening when one is bitten by a werewolf. When she’s getting bolder and more animalistic in their desires, looking for other, Meeker sister for a way to reverse the damage before Ginger cut a path of destruction through the community. Reflects the impact of Cronenberg-style body horror and especially John Landis ” American Werewolf in London , it is a surprisingly effective and horror mix of drama / black comedy that brought the werewolf mythos in the suburb of the same sort of way Fright Night managed to do so with vampires. There was also a genre star Katharine Isabelle, who has since appeared in several sequels and new horror flicks such asAmerican Mary .- Jim Vorel

z.jpg89. Z
Year: 1969
Director: Costa-Gavras
suppressed Greek political thriller builds slowly but still powerful and relevant
in the opening credits of this controversial attempt by director Costa-Gavras, you can almost here the disclaimer sneered: “Any resemblance to real events, to persons living or dead, is not accidental. It is intentional. “Pack the political murder of a pacifist party candidate (played by French pop / film star Yves Montand) and the resulting investigation of the conspiracy that made it possible to develop, Z takes place in an unnamed country. That it is a scathing (and actual) denunciation of corruption in Costa-Gavras’ native Greece only created serious problems for the film. Composer Mikis Theodorakis’s exciting score was simultaneously a political prisoner of the regime (tapes smuggled out of the country) .Although it collected an Oscar for best foreign film in 1970, the FBI condemned the work as “unpatriotic” (it did not help that the US is propping up repressive regime) and shaded their star Montand when he visited the United States, it has been mostly unseen since. What distinguishes the Z apart from other political pot-boilers of the era is not only its suspenseful and steady investigative eye, but also its short but effective touches of satire. Comparing the population of vines to be sprayed are generals who brutalize their own people exposed as entertainers from the film’s end. That justice is served (only to be yet another defeat in his last moments) highlights the continued police-military government corruption and fight that can be witnessed all over the world to this day.- Andy Beta

tucker dale.jpg88. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Year: 2011
Director: Eli Craig
Let’s face it, hillbillies and their ilk got the short end of the pitchfork in movies because strains of banjo music faded 1972’s liberation .And if because of radiation ( The Hills Have Eyes ) or old only good determined inbreeding ( Wrong Turn and so, so many movies that you’re better off not know about), the yokel prone in the film really enjoyed slaughtering innocent families on vacation , travelers who lack basic map tURNING skills, and best of all, sexually active students are just looking for a good time. But fear not, members of the hillbillies of integration, Treatment & friendliness of the script (HICKS) -writer / director Eli Craig has your hairy, unloofahed back. His film,Tucker & Dale vs. Evil , answer the simple question: What if these hillbillies are just socially awkward fellow sprucing up a vacation and young college kids in question is only likely to repeatedly jump to the erroneous, often fatal, conclusions? Consider Final Destinationmeets Darwin Awards.- Michael Burgin

come-drink-with-me.jpg87. Come Drink With Me
Year: 1966
Director: King Hu (with Sammo Hung)
with a female protagonist (Cheng Pei-pei) at the head of an army of warrior women and Shaw Brothers stamp early in the production run, come drink with me not just broke wuxia mold, practically created it. Without the film, there would have been no Kill Bill (Quentin Tarantino has even been rumored for years to have a remake on its docket); in fact, without that film’s meager success in the US, later reinforced by the Weinstein brothers committed to bringing martial arts classics to cult inclined Western audiences, there are few other films of its ilk would ever have embraced outside of China and Hong Kong. Achingly tender for a moment, with the fight scenes more akin sophisticated, choreographed dance than realistic fights, the influence of the Come drink with me can not be overstated. Even if you have never seen it, when you think of martial arts movies, you think of something resembling this.- They Sina Cola

secret-honor.jpg86. Secret Honor
Year: 1984
Director: Robert Altman
in a purely solo performance, Philip Baker Hall raging against browning of light like a sad, discombobulated Richard Nixon, recording memoir nobody will ever hear when he succumbs to drunkenness and despair, once big man on the precipice of total obsolescence. In Hall’s hands (and jowls), Nixon is a Shakespearean figure of tragedy, one made by Robert Altman Unfortunately least prestigious films a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of one of America’s most obvious skurkar.Vilket is no small feat-turn over camera to Halls frenzied whims, Altman humanizes the disgraced Nixon, confirming that even the strongest men must fall, one day during the massive importance of democracy, freedom and the fact that no one knows what these words mean even anymore.- they Sina Cola

solaris.jpg85. Solaris
Year: 1972
Director: Andrei Tarkovsky
When Solaris finally released in the US in late 1976, critics often compared it with our own, somewhat more famous science fiction film2001: A Space Odyssey . The reasons were obvious: both are long, slow images of hard auteurs who abandons a conventional narrative.But the first 45 minutes of Solaris , which stay away from space completely ground us in a futuristic reality that looks and sounds just like the rest of the world. While people are now traveling to new planets, is Andrei Tarkovsky barely interested in the account of what happens in space and instead spend their time to slowly filming plants and water. He runs around an idyllic cabin filled with memories and photographs of loved ones to get a sense of what it means to be human. The picture is flooded with memories and feelings before shooting into space and question everything taken for granted about the world. When the film heads to the planet Solaris and the space station floating above it, where people are given physical shape through memories and dreams. The part of the film focuses on how the vessel skeleton crew takes in these manifestations and what this says about humanity. Solaris is a picture perfect parts of it feel weirdly dated in contrast to the timelessness of the rest. It is a film of mystery and some of them distract from the important parts of what is happening. But it is still a fascinating work and its profound questioning of what makes us human when faced simulacrums feels about something more relevant today than when it was made.- Sean Gandert

mysterious-skin.jpg84. Mysterious Skin
Year: 2004
Director: Greg Akari
The Akari Greg’s 2004 film Mysterious Skin , Gordon-Levitt plays a young gay prostitute named Neil McCormick. It is a brutal look at the damage caused by childhood sexual abuse and the dangers and solitude of his vocation. Gordon-Levitt gives a vulnerability to a hustler with a cool exterior that he helps a young man obsessed with alien abductions discover the truth about their common past. Neil is far from 3rd Rock ‘s Tommy Solomon and one of the first signs of the actor’s reach and talent.- Josh Jackson

-dear white-people.jpg83. Dear White People
Year: 2014
Director: Justin Simien
While Dear White people anchor their perspectives in the struggle for their black leaders argue that racism is a universal problem, or at least deal with the consequences of racism, rooting out at source, is a personal task for every individual to perform. Who has not, at one time or another, felt like they do not fit in with their peers? Who do not know features social pressure when they are in school? These are not issues of racism, but they inch closer to us collectively focus on very deep core of what it is that still makes racism so prevalent today. Simien stumble in the third act, thanks to a mixture of plot complications (a kind of simplicity could have smoothed over Dear White People ‘s landing), but perhaps a diluted ends would have glossed over the truth of the film’s core: that racial politics is more complex than pretty much any of us realizes.- Andy Crump

33.Oldboy.NetflixList.jpg82. Oldboy
Year: 2005
Director: Park Chan-wook
Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy is a mind-trip like no other, not to mention so violent it puts Quentin Tarantino’s flicks to shame. The film’s installation: a man thirsty for revenge and answers after he was held prisoner in a hotel room for 15 years without knowing why. That story movies from a bloody rampage to another, giving the film’s daring audacity to remove a beating heart behind the madness. Pack a potent psychological punch, Oldboy is in a category all its own.- Jeremy Medina

top five.jpg81. Top Five
Year: 2014
Director: Chris Rock The main thing to know about the movie is that it is hilarious, as a comedy made by the Rock should be. Almost as important is that it is hearty. Rock uses the opportunity to reflect on their own personal and professional travails; He leans on his biting wit, offers some pleasantries in Allen’s quest for respectability. Top Five have tender times, but the film’s sense usually gives way to rougher moments involving, among other things, Brown’s relationship with her boyfriend (Anders Holm), Allen qualms about getting married, the family he left behind for Hollywood and, yes, those rare occasions that inadvertently emulate the current events on our television today.- Andy Crump

innkeepers.jpg80. The Innkeepers
Year: 2011
Director: Ti West
When you work in the indie horror, is a big part of the success to learn how to turn your budgetary constraints into a positive to rely less heavily on the effects and settings, and more on characterization and film craft. Ti West understands this better than most, which is part of what made his former House of the Devil as effective. Inkeepers has some of the same DNA, but it is rougher and more “real” for the most distinguished exploits of two friends they work in a dingy old bed & breakfast and pursue night paranormal research in its movement. They are well-cast and feels like two of the most “real people” you are likely to see in a horror-West, feeling at times like a horror Tarantino, has been lingering on them during their conversation and small talk, building a sense of relaxed camaraderie between the present time employees. Of course, things start to eventually go bump in the night, and the film ratchets up into a classic bent ghost story. Some will accuse it of being slow, or spending too much time dawdling with things that are unimportant, but it is “mumblecore” for you. Ultimately reality imbued the characters justifies the time it takes to give them the characterization, and you still get a little spooky “boo” moments in the final third. It succeeds on the back of strong performances.- Jim Vorel

schizopolis.jpg79. Schizopolis
Year: 1996
Director: Steven Soderbergh Everything and nothing at all, Schizopolis came amid a productive period for the Steven Soderbergh-although one could say that for virtually all the movies he has done throughout his career. Released the same year as Gray’s Anatomy , and on the heels of King of the Hill and the underside , an award-winning development of novel and the latter a remake of a Robert Siodmak noir, Schizopolis put something of a ceiling for the concept Soderbergh as auteur. It seems he can make any kind of movie he wants to do, this time a largely experimental improvised comedy shot on a micro budget Fulkod, pretty much between breakfast and dinner. And as further evidence of Soderbergh’s strange pandextrousness, Schizopolis feels inextricably of their time, mapping the broad, absurd terms how meaningful communication has become a lost privilege of a technological forward samhälle.Som Soderbergh himself (who also stars) notes in a prelude to the the movie itself: “in the event that you find certain sequences or ideas confusing, remember that it’s your fault, not ours.” As a manager full control of even his most thrown-off movies, he probably right.- They Sina Cola

12. Hellraiser (adapted) .jpg78. Hellraiser
Year: 1987
Director: Clive Barker
head villain / hero possible (there is a nauseating number of terrible Hellraiser sequels) behind Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series is Cenobite Pinhead, sent from the pits of his own personal hell dimension to drag you down into the depths with him. Where he tortures you. For eternity. As you opened a fancy Rubik’s Cube. Pinhead has zero remorse, you dead in the eye as he delivers a deadpan promise to “tear your soul apart.” Yes, and they are indestructible. Personally, it showed me that the puzzle boxes forever. As in his fiction, Barker’s obsessions with the duality of pain and pleasure is in full swing in the film version of Hellraiser , an icky history sick of love and obsession. – Rachel Haas

noah.jpg77. Noah
Year: 2014
Director: Darren Aronofsky From the ominous string of hits that accompany its opening title card, it’s clear Noah is not messing around.Darren Aronofsky’s film seeks to deprive all hokiness from the story of a guy who is loading a bunch of animals on a giant sheet so that they can survive a flood. Make no mistake, this is a story about violence from both humans and their creator. It’s about the struggle to do the right thing, and it’s hard to know exactly what it is. Director Aronofsky and his co-writer Ari Handel has not completely re-conceived the story, it is probably the least focused effort of Aronofsky’s career. But they have created a satisfying, occasionally stirring account of the Hebrew Scriptures “themes free will, obedience and repentance. They have introduced new characters and action, largely collected from different parts of Genesis and other scriptures with a healthy spirit reinterpretation. Except for a few sequences that appear to be simply action for action’s sake, the additional earn drama spiritual grappling.- Jeremy Matthews

thief-of-bagdad.jpg76. Thief of Baghdad
Year: 1924
Director: Raoul Walsh
Douglas Fairbanks threw all their resources and energy on ensuring Thief of Baghdad was a rousing piece of entertainment from start to finish. Arabian Nights fantasy has lavish art direction (costly castles built for Fairbanks Robin Hood was redesigned for the new setting), gorgeous graphics and thousands of other actors and extras that take the imagination to life. And, of course, is Fairbanks in the middle of it all, which makes everything tick with its elastic gymnastics.- Jeremy Mathews

75. Frances Ha
Year: 2012
Director: Noah Baumbach Frances Ha is liked, kind, and in many ways, Noah Baumbach’s best film to date. One can trace his films, from debut ( kicking and screaming ) to his last ( Greenberg ) and see a slow but steady focus on the individual, as well as his abandonment of an ironic, sometimes caustic attitude toward the characters he writes. It is as if Baumbach could only write a certain type of person-privileged, socially handicapped intellectual with either too much self-awareness, or none at all, and for a while it seemed that even the author himself could not stand to be ii same room with such character. This anger has faded, and what emerged in his last films, and culminated in Frances Ha , is an embrace of not only the flaws in their characters, but also his shortcomings as a filmmaker. He has settled down and created a film imbued with love, fun and melancholy. It is simple and transparent and is a joy to watch.- Joe Peeler

house.jpg74. House
Year: 1977
Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi
Movies are rarely, if ever, as whirringly rich and strange as the House . 1977 tale-as-fever-dream from the Japanese director Nobuhiko Obayashi was the debut of a guy who was best known for his TV commercials. Given a chance to make his first feature film by a struggling studio that had nothing to lose, Obayashi did what any aspiring auteur would do: He went to his 11-year-old daughter Chigumi for ideas. What they came up with a tragicomic Festival eerie about a posse of seven Japanese school, a maiden aunt with heartbreaking secret, her freaky-ass white cat named Snowflake, and the house of the title: a ooky-spooky hallucination of Gothic myth and Japanese folklore, jazzed by an animated, ADD-afflicted spirit is like Tex Avery and Busby Berkeley on crack. No summary really does the Housejustice. And every little thing about it demands attention: the school itself-precocious archetypes that goes by the nickname Gorgeous, Melody, Fantasy, Prof, sweet, Mac, and Kung Fu to the anything-goes flourishes of gimmick and Technology, which raises everything from silent film children’s programming, classic surrealist film Italian giallo.Obayashi crams every frame with an excess of crazy ideas, about his background in the 30-second spots, he demanded never allow the screen to remain calm for a moment. House suggests that nitrous oxide hyperdrive Japanese pop culture-as vivid now as ever -is a brilliantly conceived, if not in fact transcenden brand of therapy.- Steve dollars

joe.jpg73. Joe
Year: 2014
Director: David Gordon Green Director David Gordon Green’s latest attempt, Joe , is a poetic, unexpectedly tender slices of subclass drama that also radiates a certain kind of metaphorical connection to the low-lying fog of economic desperation that currently keeps so many in its grip. An adaptation of the late Larry Brown’s 1991 novel of the same name, Green’s film revolves around Gary (Tye Sheridan), a 15-year-old Texas kid whose father (Gary Poulter) is a shiftless, alcoholic lout. Near-homeless and hungry, both figuratively and literally, Gary hooks a job with Joe Ransom (Nicolas Cage), a strong-willed ex-convict who is not really a role model, but – by necessity and by degrees – begins to assume the mantle. Not entirely unlike Prince Avalanche , Green’s last film, Joe is a work of complainants portraits and basically a movie about confused men find their way in the world. Cage and Sheridan ( The Tree of Life , Mud ) has a great rapport and veteran actor, in particular, gives a magnetic, dialed-performance, his most layer of the last several years.- Brent Simon

heathers.jpg72. Heathers
Year: 1989
Director: Michael Lehmann
as much a tribute to the 80-teen romps care of veterans as John Hughes and Cameron Crowe-because it is an attempt to push the genre to its close tasteless extremes, Heathers is a hilarious glimpse the term core of teenage id, all sunglasses and cigarettes and jail bait and misunderstood kitsch. Like all coming-of-age teen soap opera, is in his vaunting style much of the film appeal of the subject-mint entire way of speaking, dressing and posing for a light generation grew up on Hollywood tropes, but Heather’s embracing her style as an important keystone the film, which recognizes that even the most bloated melodrama can be sold through a well-manicured bilden.Och part of Heathers “images are indelible: JD (Christian Slater) whips out a gun on some school bullies in the lunch room, or Veronica (Winona Ryder ) passive light his cigarette with flames licking from the explosion of her ex-boyfriend. It is logical that the writer Daniel Waters originally wanted to Stanley Kubrick to direct his script: Heather is a filmmaking (teenager) film.- They Sina Cola

vanishing.jpg71. Limit
Year: 1988
Director: George Sluizer
Ever wondered what makes a mastermind like Stanley Kubrick shaking in their boots? The answer is The Vanishing , which was apparently the most “scary” movie he had ever seen (and this coming from the guy who made The Shining ). In fact, what makes this thriller so unnerving is that it’s told everything upside down: Instead of spending two hours trying to figure out the identity of the evil, we are introduced to him directly. Based on Tim Krabbé’s book The Golden Egg ( Het Gouden Ei ), the film tells the story of Raymond (Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu), who tries to put themselves through the ultimate test. After saving a young girl from drowning, and is celebrated as a hero by his daughters, he wants to find out if his act of kindness can be followed up by an equally impressive act of evil.As the film allows Raymond to over time, examine the line between sociopathy and psychopathy, he spends hours meticulously planning how best to go away a woman, instead of saving one. He experimented with chloroform, buy an isolated house and practice different ways to get unsuspecting women to get into his car. Sluizer later made about his own film for American audiences, with Jeff Bridges and Kiefer Sutherland, but its end is drastically changed.- Roxanne Sancto

interstellar.jpg70. Interstellar
Year: 2014
Director: Christopher Nolan If he makes superhero movies or big puzzle boxes, Christopher Nolan is not usually bandy with emotion. ButInterstellar is a nearly three-hour ode to the unifying power of love. It is also his personal attempts to make 2014 what Stanley Kubrick did in 1968 with 2001: A Space Odyssey , less of an ode or reverence than a challenge for Kubrick’s highly polarizing contribution to the cinematic canon. Interstellar want to lift us with their visceral forces, weave a myth of the great American spirit of invention gone dormant. It is an ambitious paean to ambition itself. The film begins in the not too distant future, where the dry, powdery mildew and dust storms have battered the world in a regressive agrarian society. Textbooks cite the Apollo missions that bluffing, and children are groomed to be farmers rather than engineers. This is a world where hope is dead, where the spaceship sitting on shelves gathering dust, and formerly NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) brush mot.Han have long resigned to his fate, but still despondent over the failure of mankind to think beyond its galactic boundaries . But then Cooper falls in with a troupe of underground NASA scientists, led by Professor Brand (Michael Caine), who is planning to send a small team through a wormhole to explore the three potentially habitable planets and seemingly secure humanity’s continued survival. But the film succeeds more as a visual tour of the cosmos than a real story.The rah-rah optimism of the film’s pro-NASA stance stirring and at some level as tribute to human endeavor keeps the whole yarn liquid.But no amount of scientific positivism can compensate importance of poetic repetition and platitudes about love.- Andy Crump

blue-warmest.jpg69. Blue is the warmest color
Year: 2013
Director: Abdellatif Kechiche
three-hour movies are usually terrain Westerns, period epic and sweeping, tragic romances. They tend not to be intimate character piece, but blue is the warmest color ( La Vie d’Adèle Chapitres a et 2 ) more than justifies its length. A beautiful, wise, erotic, devastating love story, this tale of a young lesbian couple’s early use mine and possibly the end of his playing time to give us a full sense of the two individuals who grow together and apart over the years. It hurts like in real life, but leaves you mesmerized by its power.- Tim Grierson

short-story-time.jpg68. A Brief History of Time
Year: 1992
Director: Errol Morris As an unprecedented insight into life behind the science of Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time carries the same crystalline insight and stark intimacy any of Errol Morris’s best and most penetrating documentaries. but as an explanation of what science means when filtered through the normal of a human life, the film is a startling study of perspective, as a way to överleva.Som a young, brilliant researchers will be consumed by the debilitating disease that he makes the greatest mysteries of the universe so also does Morris allows us to understand Hawking’s most complex ideas. He does this by pulling the disparate ends of the endless universe, will help us to care about the lives of Hawking researcher love enough to keep searching, but he can, in the blackness of unknown.- They Sina Cola

a-most-wanted-man.jpg67. A Most Wanted Man
Year: 2014
Director: Anton Corbijn
This is Corbijn’s most ambitious project debut was pretty good Ian Curtis biopic Control, and he does an excellent job of provoking steely performances from a huge cast. These are some of McAdams’ best work too long tough and compassionate at the same time and with an old pro who Dafoe seems to reach down a little deeper to produce something memorable. A Most Wanted Man can be less exciting in design than Corbijn two first films, but in its place is an amazing sense of bitter resignation that seeps through every frame. Spy Game has not received any more exciting in the wake of 9/11, only more urgent and tense. And because this film argues, in such an environment that tries to be the good guy can end up meaning very little in all.- Tim Grierson

stagecoach.jpg66. Stagecoach
Year: 1939
Director: John Ford
when director John Ford had thrown role Ringo Kid in Stagecoach -loosely based on a short story by Guy de Maupassant, both genre he worked in (western) and the actor he stuck (a towering Iowan named John Wayne) was anchored in the backwaters of B-movie-dom. But when Ford’s camera zooms in on the Ringo Kid, saddle in one hand and a Winchester rifle in the other, toward the fantastic and inhospitable landscape of Monument Valley, one can not help but feel a rush. This 1939 landmark is a masterly sketch surprisingly complex characters (City Councilman, southern belle, players master, milquetoast Midwesterner, brassy floozy, blowhard banking, etc.) are thrown together on a journey through Apache country. It’s easy to marvel at the legendary stuntman Yakima Canutt’s death-defying moves, and enjoy the soundtrack to recast American folk songs or you can simply grabbed by the excitement of ride.- Andy Beta

top gun.jpg65. Top Gun
Year: 1986
Director: Tony Scott
Aviator shades, fast airplanes and a touch of beach volleyball is one of the best action movies of the 80 talet.Denna movie has everything: Tom Cruise in a star-making role; an exciting soundtrack courtesy of Kenny Loggins, character names Iceman and Maverick;and finally, perhaps one of the most subversive plots in film history. At the end of the day, it is simply impossible to deny the need for speed which lies in all us.- Brian Tremml

woman-in-influence.jpg64. A Woman Under the Influence
Year: 1986
Director: John Cassavetes
Popular ridiculed for most of his career, John Cassavetes left a body of work that in retrospect than 25 years after his death, it seems more and more uncompromising portrait of middle America: here, he points out, be dragons. And in A Woman Under the Influence , perhaps more than in any of his other films are Cassavetes’ characters provided arguably no respite from their incomprehensible reality.Mabel (Gene Rowlands) as much for her husband Nick (Peter Falk), absolutely nothing makes sense, whether it is her devastating descent into madness or his inability to accept that his life is no longer the person he thought. Cassavetes makes it clear that regardless of the tragic things happen to this family, none of it particularly fair: There is only what is happening and what the consequences, and inA Woman Under the Influence such indifference of the universe told by painstakingly rich detail.- judgment Sina Cola

Jiro-sushi.jpg63. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Year: 2012
Director: David Gelb
Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about one of the greatest masters of the culinary world, a temporary foodies have never even heard of. Even Jiro’s work is ostensibly the focus of the documentary film is really driven by the story of his relationship with his two sons; the youngest of them have started their own restaurant, and the oldest of them, at the age of 50, continues to work with his father, training for a day take over his restaurant. Lacking the typical familial jealousy you might expect, Jiro Dreams of Sushi is instead a beautifully shot documentary about a father and his sons who has devoted his life to the pursuit of the perfect piece of sushi. – Emily Kirkpatrick

scanners.jpg62. Scanner
Director: David Cronenberg
Year: 1981
All for the love of David Cronenberg rests squishy and bulging in Scanners -but this is before The Fly , before Videodrome , before Dead Ringers , and long before the Naked Lunch -and so all we love about Cronenberg is in the scanner , squishy and the bulge and even with the little glimmer of incipient dew. To be sure, the body horror blatant, and its visceral excitement, but the bonus scanners is that still so early in his career, Cronenberg had a clearly dubious time trying to figure out what kind of movie he wanted to make. Sci-fi thriller, old-timey cyberpunk, grody procedure Cronenberg litters his typical themes transformation and transmutation in a story that, at practically any moment, feels like it could turn completely on its head. A head who would then, in an explosion of brain and bone, explode-nothing about an unjustified sign of genius things that come.- They Sina Cola

down-the-law.jpg61. Down by Law
Year: 1986
Director: Jim Jarmusch
It sounds like a joke: a DJ, a pimp and a tourist walk out of a prison. (Then again, it’s just a scenario morning in NOLA.) Of course, the jailbreak in Jim Jarmusch indie classic is not quite so simple, even if there is little more to the plot. Rocker / actor Tom Waits plays disc jockey, fellow musicians and partner Jarmusch John Lurie is a hustler, and Motor Mouth Italian Roberto Benigni is a foreigner. The trio-each member mistakenly imprisoned-makes a reluctant, often farcical law which they escape and later retreated into the wetlands surrounding New Orleans. But like all Jarmusch films, Down by Law is less about history and more about atmosfären.Tack to the tremendous performances and Robby Müller’s camera, the film has that in spades-the better to show the character of the region itself.Müller’s magnificent long walks shots feel no less colorful in stark black and white; a quiet intro pans past mausoleums and swamp shacks, shotgun houses and Victorian balconies prior Waits and co. inhabit the space with occasional nods to the local radio station WWOZ, bluesman Earl King and soul queen Irma Thomas. Outside the ward boundaries, their bayou adventure pulse with the sound of wildlife and stark white water imagery. Jarmusch’s oddball comic noir echoes state of mismatched in which it is set.- Amanda Schurr

Watership-down.jpg60. Escape
Year: 1978
Director: Martin Rosen
has become common, particularly with a lot of insect movies to come out in recent years, to depict the individual cattle suffering under collectivism. But in 1978 the long flight , based on the novel by Richard Adams, showed a caste of warriors bunnies on top, a police state in another Warren and realities of war. These were not happy, fluffy bunnies.- Josh Jackson

dogtooth.jpg59. Dogtooth
Year: 2009
Director: Yorgos Lanthimos
The most disturbing part about Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos breakthrough movie is that it can be so much fun. What makes a particularly hjärnförvrängnings history of abuse, Dogtooth begins as travelogue through an odd world worth exploring, but then leaves it ever dimmer, in a bleak fable of isolationism and deromaticization of the nuclear family ideal. There is resignation and despair in the center of the film, so much so that one can not help but laugh. And yet, somehow, to pay close attention to the mundane details of these trapped people’s lives, carefully littering every frame and bit of dialogue with another idea how all this may work, Lanthimos keepsDogtooth slipping too far into satire or allegory, rather than build a sandcastle deformed around the characters for which we deeply hope there are better things to come.- They Sina Cola

pale-flower.jpg58. Pale Flower
Year: 1964
Director: Masahiro Shinoda
While Seijun Suzuki and Nagasi Oshima blew up the Japanese film’s stylistic traditions, is Masahiro Shinoda’s Pale Flower is a very subtle and in some ways more timeless film, trying to destroy the clichés of the Yakuza genre, not by invent them, but by diving deeper into their betydelser.Pale Flower sits comfortably as one of the darker noir films ever made, starting with a gangster release from prison after serving a three-year term for murder. He leads immediately back to their old haunts and connections but much of his zest for life is gone except when it comes to spel.Han encounters a femme fatale with the same passion and the two begin to play together, among which Yakuza violence heats up. It is a film formulated nihilism deglamorizes Japanese gangsters in the same way that Martin Scorsese would deglamorize the US a decade later in Mean Streets -the honorable thieves who was a part of earlier depictions of Yakuza replaced with thugs and scum. – Sean Gandert

gimme-shelter.jpg57. Gimme Shelter
Year: 1970
Director: David Maysles, Albert Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin
This documentary is best known as “the movie where we see the Hells Angels to kill a guy at Altamont,” and while the film does not highlight the total lack of planning that led to to catastrophic Rolling Stones concert culminated in the scene where we see the 18-year-old Meredith Hunter pulling a revolver and was stabbed to death and use it to illustrate the end of an era, winds up is so much more. We see Ike and Tina Turner just ruin while opening the way to Madison Square Garden (as Mick Jagger dismisses kind callously with “It’s nice to have a chick sometimes”). We see the Stones at Muscle Shoals recording “Wild Horses” and watch as Keith Richards closes his eyes and mouths the words listening to the playback. It is a glimpse of the band in a sort of central, transitional era of his career, remember that this was released two years before the Exile on Main St. -As also winds up reflects a very specific point in time.- Bonnie Stiernberg

disabled-avengers.jpg56. Crippled Avengers
Year: 1978
Director: Chang Cheh
At a time when exploitation cinema seemed standard for cheap movie houses throughout the world, had no martial arts flick much better than this Shaw Brothers staple, which eventually adopted much more PC title, Return of the five deadly poisons . The blind, the deaf mute, without bones, and brain-damaged “idiot” together, they make an unstoppable force of revenge against the local martial arts master who paralyzed them, and his son, who ironically lost his arms at a young age, and so sports dart recording cast iron facsimile. In other words, Crippled Avengers play it cool, which makes our disfigured Heroes few but important victories during most of the film, building up to his final 25-minute series of fight scenes, where a blind man, a deaf-mute, a man of iron artificial legs and an acrobatic “idiot” combining their individual strengths to defeating a kung fu master with, in principle, robotic arms. Movies like this are the reasons why we get up in morning.- They Sina Cola

Wolrd-on-a-wire.jpg55. The world on a wire
Year: 1973
Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
They are still banging the drum for The Matrix ‘s obvious “innovation” should reserve a four-hour slot for Rainer Werner Fassbinder ornate science fiction drama of the world on a thread , and discover that the idea about our world as a simulation (in a simulation within a simulation …) had already covered 26 years earlier. Only recently revived as a “lost classics” of Fassbinder’s, it’s hard to imagine how far-sighted world on a thread must have cropped up in connection with the originally airing on German television in 1973. A technical director of a company that has created a simulation of an entire world in their computers, Dr. Fred Stiller (Klaus Lowitch) examines personally by his colleagues begin to disappear, and the people around him insist they were now never existed at all. Framed beautifully among the mirrors and tacky futuristic interior of the 1970 Germany, the film’s style as the paranoid thrillers that were so popular at the time, only this distrust is growing exponentially from the beginning to incorporate Stiller’s employees, then the government, eventually including Stiller’s fellow citizens and world he lives in. fashion has aged, ideas haven’t.- Brogan Morris

hard days-night.jpg54. Hard Day’s Night
Year: 1964
Director: Richard Lester
The open chords “A Hard Days Night” is iconic on its own, but when it is paired with scenes of the Fab Four happily outrunning a crowd of screaming fans? Forget it. The first Beatles film a mockumentary filmed at the height of Beatlemania-also happens to be his best; It’s fun, silly, weirdly melancholy sometimes (it’s hard not to see foreshadowed when Ringo temporarily stops the tape after feeling appreciated) and full of some amazing performances early. It manages to poke fun at fame machine from the inside, and we always get the sense that no one thought it was more fun than John, Paul, George and Ringo.- Bonnie Stiernberg

airplane.jpg53.! Aircraft
Year: 1980
Director: Jim Abrahams
Write trio of Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams and David Zucker (ZAZ) defined a genre with its disaster movie spoof 1980. The jokes fly fast and furious, from “Who’s on first” confusion of a crew including Roger and captain Oveur ( “Roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?”) to Oveur (Peter Graves) ask a child in the cockpit, “Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? “For an old lady translating jive (” Jive-ass guy is not got no brains anyway! Shiiiiit! “) To” stop calling me Shirley! “Ridiculous and ridiculously quotable, is the funniest spoof movie by time.- Josh Jackson

closeup Up.jpg52. Close-up
Year: 1990
Director: Abbas Kiarostami
Like the incident in the heart of Close-Up , the film is in itself something of a well-intentioned con. Hoping just to clarify, and never exploit, hybridize Abbas Kiarostami documentary form asking people embroiled in an odd piece of tabloid fodder for playing themselves.When we work with art, Kiarostami pray-really relate to it-Arent we make it a part of ourselves? And so, the story of how a poor film buff named Hossein Sabzian took on the identity of Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf to set with admiration and friendship an upper middle class family Tehran, Kiarostami allows Sabzian to finally make art, he never thought he could. Cultivated through interviews, courtroom scenes and seamlessly integrated retellings of Kiarostami’s own words, close-up ‘s sense of truth and so-called “fraud” is hopelessly blurred. By the film’s conclusion, which Sabzian story comes full circle and he finally meets the real Makhmalbaf, the intentions behind the fraudsters measures may still be unclear, but the authenticity of his character feels quiet complete.- They Sina Cola

lola.jpg51. Lola Montes
Year: 1955
Director: Max Ophüls
Already in the early 2000s, films of German-born, Paris-based director Max Ophüls languished in print. His fin de siècle Europe, aristocratic manners, women on the verge of nervous breakdown and loooooong tracking shots fell out sikte.Men with the availability of a fever dream of his financially and critically disastrous last feature, Lola Montes is complete our portrait of the artist in his last years. Eliza Rosanna Gilbert dancer and actor mostly known by his stage name, Lola Montes pioneered the “cult of celebrity.” Paramour to the composers Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin and Richard Wagner, not to mention many dukes, counts and also King Ludwig in Bavaria, her affairs were fodder for the newspapers, and sometimes cause a riot. Ophuls expect such modern media circuses, avoid simple biography of her heroine and put her in a context more grand and garish: a real circus.- Andy Beta

50. Selma
Year: 2014
Director: Ava Duvernay
right film for the occasion, or the right moment for Ava Duvernay’s new film? Either way, Selma will be read by many in connection with the 2014’s mass civil rights violations and racial driven atrocities, but even in a post-racial world, this movie punch. Duvernay has no stomach for the bland hero worship in his biography of Martin Luther King (here portrayed in an inspired and inspiring, turn a never better David Oyelowo), and instead places her story in a certain time during the Civil Rights Movement. Her focus – 1965 march for voting rights – gives her film a sense of purpose, against which it marches with impressive discipline. Come contemporary significance, stay for the earnest, passionate filmmaking.- Andy Crump

stranger-paradise.jpg49. Stranger Than Paradise
Year: 1984
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Jarmusch has fashioned a wildly idiosyncratic, elegant and cohesive work. In the early 80s, straight out of film school, Jarmusch helped unintentionally define the American independence movement when his second feature, Stranger Than Paradise , they found a crowd of people who had their hip-but-casual, deadpan humor and obvious awareness of world cinema . The film is stylistically simple, with even fewer shots than the film he did in school, Permanent Vacation , and it seemed to satisfy a hunger for films that eschew Hollywood formula. That hunger does not go unnoticed by the industry, which then has created specialized subsidiaries of major studios, festivals like Sundance and cable channels as champions of “independent” filmmakers.- Robert Davis

400 blows.jpg48. The 400 Blows
Year: 1959
Director: François Truffaut
‘s The 400 Blows works as François Truffaut’s debut, as well as his most personal. The semi-autobiographical story focuses on Antoine Doinel, a young boy who turns to a life of petty crime as a result of being neglected by their parents. The film is the first of five films that focus on Antoine at different stages in their life.- Wyndham Wyeth

y tumor mama.jpg47. Y Tu Mamá También
Year: 2001
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
A road trip along the coast of Mexico turns out to be a sexual discovery for two punk teenagers (Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna). At the same time the journey out to be the bittersweet final adventure of their older female companions (Maribel Verdú), as she struggles with a life full of sorrow and paths not yet traveled. Y Tu Mamá También At times playful and seductive, but slowly turns out to be a significant double story encompasses both the coming-of-age and coming to terms.- Jeremy Medina

modern times.jpg46. Modern Times
Year: 1936
Director: Charles Chaplin
If time is a flat circle, then MTG is like a flat-drove the travails of the Little Tramp navigate a mechanical world is so incessant and repetitive elements that turn and just hope serve to spur along Chaplin’s father, even though they are little grasp of his character’s future. Not much changes for the small-footed throughout: He’s trying to survive, and yet the institutional system craps him back where he started, desperately hungry and penniless, left with nothing to do but try again. This was also Chaplin final go as the Tramp, and it is easy to imagine that the entire film’s many mishaps-joined by the equally good-natured partner in crime, gamin (Paulette Goddard) -as he absorbed and sublimated into the modern industrial machine, this “disappearance” was kind of intentional. It is a strange way of Chaplin’s beloved character to go out, but so are the many ways in which Chaplin shows how modern industrial machine becomes part of the Pedal too. He may be forced through a giant, drove spotted appliance, become one with their schedules, but also makes the assembly line-with all that turning, twisting and spinning impress on Pedal, leaving him unable after a long shift to do anything other than waving his arms as if he is still on the assembly line. It is no wonder then that President Modern Times “factory setting bears a striking resemblance to Henry Ford: Chaplin, who toured the world after the success of City Lights , witnessed the conditions for the car lines in Detroit, the toil of our modern times weighed on young workers. The Great Depression, seems Chaplin says, was the first sign of how well the technology can kill our spirits, not so much to throw us to absorb our individuality. Modern Times , which is a film with a conscious way beyond his time, a kind of seamless mixture of special effects, sanguine silent methods and radical fury.- They His Cola

lift-to-the-gallows.jpg45. Elevator to the gallows
Year: 1958
Director: Louis Malle
Before inventing the cinematic language with their playful genre experiments, the members of the French New Wave movement got its start as a film critic. In fact, it was through his writings and discussions that the term “film noir” first baptized as a way to describe a certain kind of brooding postwar films. It is not surprising that Louis Malle-but not an official New Wave members can sit on a film noir-influenced project as his first feature film. Acting both as a tribute to noir and an undermining of its structure, Elevator to the gallowsstars Jeanne Moreau and Maurice Ronet as a pair of criminals whose plan to kill Moreau husband quickly falls apart when Ronet characters trapped in an elevator. This is already absurd concepts are becoming more confounding when paired with the film’s unconventional, experimental editing and gloomy, Miles Davis performed jazz score. – Mark Rozeman

44. La Jetée
Year: 1962
Director: Chris Marker
Chris Marker radical science fiction movie clocks in just over 28 minutes but the concepts it brings is massive. Told through a series of still pictures, La Jetée focuses on an apocalyptic society tries to save his current by sending a prisoner through time. Sounds familiar?Terry Gilliam expanded the story into a feature film with 12 Monkeys in 1995.- Wyndham Wyeth

Jules-jim.jpg43. Jules and Jim
Year: 1962
Director: Francis François Truffaut
Registration French New Wave founder Francis François Truffaut, Jules and Jim was an early masterpiece of filmmakers. The film, about a love triangle spread out over a 25 year period, has influenced many directors including Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese .- Wyndham Wyeth

branded-to-kill.jpg42. Branded to Kill
Year: 1967
Director: Seijun Suzuki
After controlling nearly 40 films inside the Nikkatsu studio system, turning mass in art house splash of bright color and otherworldly super-cool, made Seijun Suzuki Branded to Kill , a kind of perfect culmination of everything he had tried to do with the youth of the Beast , Tokyo Drifter , and also the Gate of Flesh . In Japan’s “No. 3 Killer” Goro Hanada (Joe Shishido) murders his way to the # 1, concocting a series of murders as illogical as they are balletic in the process, fall in love, constantly goes crazy, and influencing a generation of cult directors, John Woo and Chan-wook Park to Quentin Tarantino and Jim Jarmusch (as loving lifted one of the murder setpieces for its Ghost Dog: the Way of the Samurai ). Sometimes vulgar, and yet always seethingly wonderful, Branded to Killsummarizes the kind of brilliant work directors Suzuki’s caliber was churning out the stiflingly commercial systems, they were not so much to destroy the tradition that just totally take it, upping the stakes in the studio games in Japan with almost no effort exceeds it.-They Sina Cola

g washington.jpg41. George Washington
Year: 2000
Director: David Gordon Green hailed by Roger Ebert, along with Time and The New York Times as one of the best films of 2000, George Washington serves as a meditation on adolescence. A group of children in rural South are forced to face a series of difficult decisions in the wake of a tragedy of director David Gordon Green’s debut film.- Wyndham Wyeth

high-and-low.jpg40. High and Low
Year: 1963
Director: Akira Kurosawa Akira Kurosawa is remembered for his samurai films like The Seven Samurai, Yojimbo and Blood belief , but the mystery of the highest and lowest . Worthy to stand among these other greats High & Low is a wealthy businessman who believes that his son has been kidnapped and agrees to pay the ransom. When he finds out that it was actually his son’s friend who got kidnapped, he must decide whether to pay the ransom and try to find the child. High & Low tense, ahead of its time with its real-time mystery and ends is a starting revelation that makes it a Kurosawa great.- Ross Bonamie

Tokyo story.jpg39. Tokyo Story
Year: 1953
Director: Yasujiro Ozo
It is hard to imagine a movie more relevant to contemporary American family life than Yasujiro Ozu wonderful Tokyo Story .Filmen follows an elderly couple who take a trip from their small town in the country to the big city of Tokyo to visit their adult children. Their children welcome them, take them sightseeing, shuttle them from one family to another, and to not be too far behind with their own lives, sending them on a weekend getaway to a nearby spa. Although it is never mentioned, the distance between parents and their busy children grow painfully obvious as the days pass. The sight of the old couple sitting on a sea wall weak and alone, staring at the horizon-is so real that it’s heartbreaking. They are your parents sitting there, and my. As he did, Tokyo Story , Ozu was well established as a master filmmaker. He had tightened and reduced its style to a small set of crisp, deceptively simple elements. Its camera moves infrequently. It sits three feet from the ground, at eye level if you sit on the floor, his characters often. He begins each scene with a brief montage of beautifully composed images that prepare us for what’s next drying laundry of domestic life, the chimneys of the town and trade, the trains of transition a kind of grammar built of simple clauses “pillow shots”, they are now called, small pillows between interactions. He omits the famous events second filmmakers would mark the wedding, said-far more interested in the conversation before and after the event than the spectacle itself. There are no villains in his films, but sometimes there are heroes. Sometimes the characters are stupid or arrogant or naive, or disrespectful, but Ozu did not knock them down. He helps us to understand them.Sometimes grows. Sometimes decides to change. And if I identify with them, if I am ungrateful children Tokyo Story , then I can change too. Rarely does a film reach so deep and so far with a voice so fortfarande.Sällan make a movie makes me want to become a better son.- Robert Davis

City lights.jpg38. City Lights
Year: 1931
Director: Charles Chaplin
. In his later years, was Charlie Chaplin known for pathos in his comedy when he had the opportunity Citylights is the movie where he earns every bit of it. While its structure resembles Chaplin usual picaresque style, it’s more of a deliberate purpose tramp trying to help a poor, blind flower girl, adorably played by Virginia Cherrill. Harry Myers also deserves a mention for his performance as a millionaire who is generous when he is drunk and can not remember his good deeds when he is sober.- Jeremy Mathews

wild-strawberries.jpg37. Strawberry
Year: 1957
Director: Ingmar Bergman
writing while legendary director Ingmar Bergman was in the hospital, Wild Strawberries is a story of self-discovery, life and death of a man forced to confront his past and accept his future .- Wyndham Wyeth

36th chamber shaolin.jpg36. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Year: 1978
Director: Lau Kar-leung
. And that is why any kung fu fan will always love Gordon Liu The 36th Chamber of Shaolin is as classic as it gets-the ultimate Shaolin film, no doubt, and the source of Liu’s nickname, “Master Killer”. he plays a young student who was injured when his school have been killed by the Manchu government, so he fled to the refuge of the Shaolin Temple. After tearing as a worker, he finally right to learn kung fu, which begins the film’s famous training sequences. It is rare movie about these training sequences actually outshine the traditional fights, because they are just so beautiful, fluid and inventive. In each of the 36 chambers have San Te wear to discipline their body, mind, reflexes and the like. They constitute the entire center of the film, and is unforgettable. The film has just weight-it permeates kung fu with great dignity, because true kung fu can only be achieved through the greatest of sacrifice.- Jim Vorel

Drunk-angel.jpg35. Drunken Angel
Year: 1948
Director: Akira Kurosawa An act of genre deconstruction and subdued political criticism all in one. Akira Kurosawa plays with noir tropes more than he plays for them, deflating the film noir inherent machismo by revealing the most important heavy in its cast as scrabbling cowards. Depending on your mood, Drunken Angel can’s climactic fight between Toshiro Mifune’s Matsunaga and Reizaburô Yamamoto Okada either be read as hilarious, pathetic or tragic. Is not the heavy mob supposed to be scary? Like Rashomon , Drunken Angel puts it toughness to the test and makes it look ridiculous, but studies of masculinity can be a smokescreen for Kurosawa’s veiled jabs at the board of censors installed by the US government in the post-World War II Japan. Note the Western clothes. Note the regular image of the bubbling muck that functions as one of the film’s central lägen.Den US occupation limes and corrupts the Japanese culture equally, and Drunken Angel captures all the skilled humanism.- Andy Crump

Shakespeare-in-love.jpg34. Shakespeare in Love
Year: 1998
Director: John Madden
another film whose reputation has suffered somewhat since its initial reception, largely in this case as a result of an ill-Oscar and Gweneth Paltrow prudent management of her public persona ago. No one is more irritated with contemporary goop than me, but even I can admit that Shakespeare in Love gets a bad rap. It is delightful, especially for those with no experience in theater at any time (theater world itself is the romantic interest in the film, just as much as Gweneth’s Viola de Lesseps). And it is now safe to say aloud -Ben Affleck is wonderfully charming in this film. If you have not seen it in a while, you will be surprised how much more you like it than you remembered.- Michael Dunaway

late-spring.jpg33. Late Spring
Year: 1949
Director: Yasujiro Ozu
late spring is a beautiful love story between a daughter and father that she did not want to leave alone. The 27-year-old Noriko told by everyone she knows that she must marry and move away from his father, who is a widower. But Noriko follow his heart instead and sticks with his father, even through all the talk about what she does is fel.Denna sweet film Ozu Yasujiro show that although everyone says you are wrong, you can still be right.- Ross Bonamie

walkabout.jpg32. Walkabout
Year: 1971
Director: Nicolas Roeg
Walkabout ‘s story is an Australian sister and brother who faced an indigenous boy performs traditional Aboriginal coming-of-age rite: the walkabout. Based on James Vance Marshall’s book of the same name was Edward Bond 14 script pages (barely enough for a short film).In Roeg hands, it became a meditation on modern rituals and old ones, conflicts between the indigenous Aboriginal and invasive European cultures, human language and storytelling, male and female gender roles and misunderstanding between them, the cruelty of nature and the madness of the modern world.- Andy Beta

m.jpg31. M
Year: 1931
Director: Fritz Lang
Fritz Lang is probably best known for his sci-fi epic Metropolis , but his film M is almost equal. Peter Lorre plays a child murderer as a whole town trying to find. Lorre’s tortured performance culminates in a scene where the city confronts him, where he says it is possible that they are the true monsters. Lang’s masterpiece influenced film noir, thriller and even horror films year after.- Ross Bonamie

the-kid.jpg30. The Kid
Year: 1921
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin’s first feature film and one of his finest achievements, It tells the Kid story of an abandoned child and the life he built with the little Tramp. Chaplin was against heavy resistance Studio to create a more serious film, in contrast to his previous work. But thekid has as much slapstick humor that his previous shorts, but placed in a broader, more dramatic context.- Wyndham Wyeth

gray-gardens.jpg29. Grey Gardens
Year: 1975
Director: Ellen Hoyde, Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Muffie Meyer
Co-directed by the recently deceased Document Albert Maysles ( Iris ), this influential doc another title preserved in Film Registry chronicles the life of Edith “Big Edie “Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter,” Little Edie, “a reclusive mother and middle aged daughter duo related to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. When Big Edie’s husband left her, she and her little namesake continued to live for half a century in the Annual East Hampton estate, which fell into severe disrepair-so much so that Jackie had to step in to save it. The high society “eccentric, Havisham-esque existence drew Albert and his brother David to his tale natural born ham, ladies dancing, preening and another to show their board of handheld cameras, at the time, something revolutionary technology. It almost feels too intimate. The result is a wistful, sometimes funny, often sad portrait of codependency and nostalgia made more poignant by the Maysles’ voyeuristic storytelling.- Amanda Schurr

night living dead.jpg28. Night of the Living Dead
Year: 1968
Director: George A. Romero
There were zombie movies long before George Romero shot his debut film, but no defined genre so thoroughly. All the signs are here for the first time: the band of survivors, the violent force gripping the stoic hero / martyr, the risk of social metaphor. Too bad so few filmmakers (Romero included) forgot to copy his grim humor and sharp black-and-white film stock, which makes everything so much more frightening.- Sean Edgar

control game.jpg31. The Rules of the Game
Year: 1939
Director: Jean Renoir
In less capable hands, the rules of the game are great ensemble and interlacing lines would be a jumbled mess. But Jean Renoir creates a multi-layered look at a group of rich and poor gathered for a dinner party. Throughout the characters lie, cheat and deceive each other in a masterpiece that is always intriguing.- Ross Bonamie

Ferris bueller.jpg27. Ferris Bueller
Year: 1986
Director: John Hughes
John Hughes Zeitgeist-y, fourth wall-busting ode to the rich, titled suburban youth vs. killjoy Authority announced Matthew Broderick as a bona fide star, and gave us a terrifying prescient insight into Charlie Sheen’s future in an admittedly funny bit role. Breakfast Club to the side, out of all the Hughes decade of teen-centered films in the Chicago area, Bueller has endured almost certainly the best, and without all that tortured pretentiousness.- Scott Wold

8-1-2.jpg26. 8 1/2
years: 1963
Director: Federico Fellini
by Fellini hike this by a shadow of his psyche, wondering where his memories begin and where Guido (Marcello Mastroiani) psychoses end. Perhaps Fellini’s most impressive mixture of dreams and fantasies, of moral truth and precise delusion, space and time, tells his story in the Möbius strip, wrapping the reality of the reality of leaving the audience loose buried in his protagonist’s självupptagenhet.Guido obsession is so introverted he can not help but destroy every close relationship in their life, and yet, in hanging film’s story of struggle a filmmaker making his latest film title refers to the fact that this was Fellini’s eighth and a half Functioning of the legendary Italian director seems to argue the artistic genius practically requires such solipsism. It’s a bold statement for a film to make, but Fellini does it with such grace and vision, with such a seamless intent, is a bittersweet masterpiece: Clear, aching and steeped in nostalgia, celebrates the kind of radiant life bio can offer.- They His Cola

25. Children of Paradise
Year: 1945
Director: Marcel Carné
Paradise children ‘s story about a father who falls in love with an actress, and the suitors who also loves her. Baptiste is phenomenal as the lovelorn mime and sprawling history and turn the romantic entanglements makes this film enough stor.Men even more shocking is the lengths the filmmakers had to go to, including hiding copies in multiple locations, to survive the Nazi occupation, which almost caused this classics from ever being seen.- Ross Bonamie

hara-kiri.jpg24. Harakiri
Year: 1962
Director: Masaki Kobayashi
At a time when chambara movies were pretty much get churned out regularly, the factory settings still show, won heralded auteur and political firebrand Masaki Kobayashi Special Jury Prize at Cannes with his heartbreaking take on the “sword fighting” genre, Harakiri .Many Japanese filmmakers were at a commercial crossroads in the 50s and 60s: The studios are paying for their projects built in the bread and butter of genreförväntnings especially in the jidai-Geki or “period piece” whose chambara is a subset-which no longer could provide the emotional and political bandwidth kind of deeply felt stories they were trying to tell. Some of his contemporaries became icons: Seijun Suzuki, Yosujiro Ozu and Akira Kurosawa all broke free of his expectations as studio filmmakers to pursue a new creative freedom except tradition. They created their own traditions, myths build from the ruins of their reality. And so, in Kobayashi story of poorRonin Hanshir? (Tatsuya Nakadai), which aims to take the working revenge on the feudal rulers who essentially forced his son-in-law to commit ritual suicide with the help of nothing more than a bamboo sword (in perhaps one of the most grueling scenes chambara cinema ), the director rails against the institutions of his time. Hanshir? are not just fighting a clan of samurai, he fights the hierarchical structures that drove wedges between major Japanese political and social groups in the 50s and 60s. He fights zaibatsus , or companies that set up their own kind of modern mid-century feudalism. He is struggling film industry which takes a single vision and stamps it for consumption. He fights hypocrisy codes and systems that do something other than fetal Community. And, in keeping with the bestchambara decade had to offer, his struggle a spectacularly beautiful one.- They Sina Cola

LAvventura.jpg23. L’Avventura
Year: 1960
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
? After honing his craft as lmmaker in Italy, came Michelangelo Antonioni on the international scene in 1960 with a loose trilogyL’Avventura , La Notte and L’Eclisse , three? LMS of privileged people so bored with their lives that they have little to do but wander the city and lamenting their failed relationships. But Antonioni versus expectations guarding them with extreme precision. His camera moves as if it was choreographed down to the millimeter, because while the characters in? LMS may have been bored, man looking at them was not. He was riveted. And he sent his fascination for the audience, not to tell them stories or teach them lessons, but raises questions, large and of existence-why we move around the earth, which is why we interact with other people, and as we are.- Robert Davis

pandora-box.jpg22. Pandora’s box
Year: 1929
Director: GW Pabst
A beautiful and promiscuous young woman forced to flee the law after killing her fiancé on their wedding night. She ends up in London where she works as a prostitute in a brothel. There is a whole list of reasons why Pandora’s box has stood the test of time. Many have to do with GW Pabst and his unique feelings, but the key is Louise Brooks, the film’s midpoint. Woo us with their deep dark eyes and elusive beauty, made the American actress not only bring to life a character we could never forget-the mysterious and erotic Lulu in a performance of a lifetime. She also paved the way for women in her time, express individuality and feminism in 1920s.-David Roark

the-good-the-bad.jpg21. The Good The Bad and the Ugly
Year: 1967
Director: Sergio Leone
Director Sergio Leone and star Clint Eastwood get started with their first collaboration a handful of dollars , which took a Western interpretation of Akira Kurosawa’s samurai film Yojimbo . After adventures Eastwood’s Man with no name, the dollar continued trilogy on the 1965’s For a Few Dollars More , and finally to 1966’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly . Often branded as Leone’s magnum opus ,The Good, the Bad and the Ugly revolves around three gunslingers-Eastwood are competing to take control of an abandoned collection covenant gold. The film illustrates many of the techniques that made Leone, a legendary figure in the film world from its sharp depth of field, his move edited battle scenes, of course, his use of long, lingering shots to ramp up excitement for an upcoming duel. Augmented by Ennio Morricone’s bombastic brilliant points, working the film as a kind of quasi-operatic violence and chaos of the civil war-torn America. The film is still a testament to how a threequel, with a healthy does of talent, ambition and ingenuity, both can reverse the trend and make movie history at the same time.- Mark Rozeman

Claire-knee.jpg20. Claire’s Knee
Year: 1970
Director: Eric Rohmer
Eric Rohmer’s 1970 movie part New Wave some curious standalone unit has a bit of a strange land: A diplomat holiday in the French Alps becomes possessed by touching the knee of a local teenager. I wish the description sounded less unpleasant and borderline perverted, but I would hasten to add that this desire does not constitute the content of the film. Instead Rohmer produced a aching look at the passage of time, and melancholy produced by the interaction between love and obsession. Although the main character here is not a monster of Humbert Humbert’s ilk, is how it evokes those feelings reminiscent of Lolita , in the sense that sexuality is only a subtext for something deeper. I’ve never seen a movie with beautiful pacing, which provides such a modest plot turn with such a patient, relentless rhythm, it’s no surprise that the New York Times , Vincent Canby called it “something like a perfect film.” – Shane Ryan

10.Metropolis.NetflixList.jpg22. Metropolis
Year: 1927
Director: Fritz Lang
While in hindsight the story itself proves quite wacky, Fritz Lang last silent movie before his second masterpiece M -could called plan for all sci-fi movies that followed it. Whether groundbreaking special effects, the visual range or intricate set design, the likes of Ridley Scott, George Lucas ochStanley Kubrick borrowed from the (Lucas modeled C-3PO after Maria robot). Metropolis , heavily influenced by the books of HG Wells, also stands as the first dystopian film in history.- David Roark

persona.jpg19. Persona
Year: 1966
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Ingmar Bergman does not seem to have any answers to the questions he raised in this film or in many of his others. But he asked them, and he had a knack for bringing their stories to a suitably dramatic conclusion without etching all their characters’ wounds. He was a smooth, accurate director, but a who-unlike Antonioni-worked within the conventions? Lm grammar rather than pressing the edges funds … for the most part. My favorite Bergman film, Persona , recognizes not only the medium but rips wide open. Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson-two actresses who worked with Bergman many times, playing a stage actress and a nurse, respectively. The actress has had a breakdown and been silent in the middle of a performance, and she is recovering at a cottage by the sea. This simple act is the skeleton of a very complex investigation of identity and psychology. The two women appear together at certain points, maybe they are two sides of the same woman and their stories bleed into the present through various cinematic techniques from? First shot of a projector illuminates and is threaded with? lm, and the moment in the middle, when? ch seem to burn and run backwards, the famous, dazzling montage that seems to reveal the unconscious. Persona not reveal its meaning light, and it is open to several interpretations. But it is worth noting that the actress? Lm works on scenen.Bergman always balance the world of theater with a world of ch; He was an artist with a split personality.- Robert Davis

i-was-born-but.jpg18. I was born, but …
Year: 1932
Director: Yasujiro Ozu
Ozu Yasujiro spent his career making wonderful movies about the dynamics of families and relationships, but this can make their job more adorable than any of his others. It uses a pair of painfully sweet children to explore compromises adulthood and disillusionment of growing up. When two brothers realize that their father is not the big shots in real life as he is in the house, they whip out with irritability, feeling they have been lied to. The comedy comes with a delicate understanding of their characters and the importance of realizing that you’ve hurt any more than they have hurt you.- Jeremy Mathews

red-white-blue.jpg17. Three Colors Trilogy
Year: 1993-1994
Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski
Are we cheating? Okay, maybe we cheat. But at least it’s a cheat that many of our colleagues have conducted earlier. And as Krzysztof Kieślowski himself saw his three masterpieces Blue , white and red as a three-part story, we know cheating is motiverad.Vad is undeniable is the richness of Kieslowski’s performance, or impact the three films have had on world cinema. Taking as its inspiration the three themes of the French Revolution, captured in its eternal slogans of freedom, equality, fraternity! (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!), Kieslowski embarks on a quest to more fully explore his lifelong themes chance, destiny, freedom, art and even transcendent meaning itself. Faced with such a consensus, it feels belittle evaluating masterful performance Juliette Binoche in blue against sharp dialogue inwhite against the lush Art in red . One can only stand back in wonder at the Polish master accomplishment.- Michael Dunaway

hoop-dreams.jpg16. Hoop Dreams
Year: 1994
Director: Steve James
rarely has a film, narrative or documentary, so probingly explored the American dream. In this case, the version of the dream as a young William Gates and Arthur Agee has purchased redemption (and fame and fortune) through athletic achievement. The odds are stacked so heavily against these dreams ever come true just doing their dear hope that much more poignant. Steve James spent acquaintance nearly eight years to make the film, and despite its almost three-hour running time, it does not feel long at all. Each frame feels essential.- Michael Dunaway

5.TheGoldRush.NetflixList.jpg15. Gold Rush
Year: 1925
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Along City Lights , Gold Rush remains of Charlie Chaplin highlight as a filmmaker and actor. He agreed, calling it a personal favorite among his enormous body of work. With stunning set pieces and memorable scenes, including the famous roll dance and shoe-eating dinner, giving the film one of the earliest and most profound examples of dramedy in cinema. In essence Chaplin way weaves together slapstick and melancholy, it generates both laughing and crying for the lonely but hilarious Little Tramp.- David Roark

au revoir-les-enfants.jpg14. Au Revoir, Les Enfants
Year: 1987
Director: Louis Malle
Au Revoir, Les Enfants portrays a French school limited view of the Holocaust in a way that is reserved yet förödande.Beläget in a Catholic boarding school in France is a spoiled rich boy (Gaspard Manesse) who befriends a new classmate who is secretly harbored a Jew (Raphael Fejtö) .Louis Malle film based on his own childhood and imbued it with a quiet simplicity that makes her saddest moments gut-wrenchingly real. By just having the camera remains on an empty passage, Malle beautifully emphasizes a terrible moment his protagonist and his audience-will never forget.- Jeremy Matthews

7-samurai.jpg13. Seven Samurai
Year: 1954
Director: Akira Kurosawa One of several Criterion Akira Kurosawafilmer shown on Hulu, Seven Samurai is considered one of the most influential films of all time and one of a select few Japanese films that have a lasting appreciation in the West. the film tells the story of a village with farmers taking the help of seven master samurai to protect them from a gang of thieves stealing their crops. the Magnificent seven (1960) takes the plot of Kurosawa’s film and place it in the Old West- Wyndham Wyeth

weekend.jpg12. Weekend
Year: 1967
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Here we Godard at the end of his New Wave period, just before he falls off the precipice of the Marxist phase of his career, when his films became more political and, frankly, quite boring. Here you can see the director close to the revolution that would end the so-called “story” part of his filmmaking ambitions, but he has not yet come completely unhinged-there is a coherent story of a married couple who hate each other and conspire to commit murder each other or wife’s father over an inheritance. There are both elegance and frustration here, with iconic images as a continuous eight-minute scene in traffic competes with an irrepressible desire to leave it to absurdity. There are car accidents, traveling back in time, and, yes, murder, but Godard genius can still be felt behind the camera. This film deserves to be seen on its own merits, and also as a bookend to one of the greatest periods in directing cinematic history.- Shane Ryan

eraserhead.jpg11. Eraserhead
Year: 1977
Director: David Lynch It can be a painful experience to watch a movie and have no idea what it’s about, getting the film’s importance nagging core of you, always out of reach. Yet this is exactly the melt, underground fuel that drives David Lynch’s vision forward, and with his debut, the puzzling and frightening Eraserhead , provides the director no consolation for encroaching feeling that with him we never find any kind of logical mooring to keep our psyche safe. A simple story about a funny haired worker (Jack Nance) trundling nervously through a phantasmagoric industrial landscape, in the process of fathering a mutant turtle who see children as he is left to raise for his new wife abandons his “family” Eraserhead is an astounding act of burying independently minded cinematic experiment in the popular consciousness. You may not know much about Eraserhead , but you probably know what it är.Och if it is a meditation on the horrors of paternity, or a glimpse of the strange decentralization of physical intimacy in a dying ecosystem, or a groundbreaking work of DIY sound design, or whatever – Eraserhead is a black hole of influence. It’s gross, it’s moving, it’s a visceral nightmare, and today it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. That might or might not be a compliment. I can not sure.- They Sina Cola

Dinner andre.jpg10. My dinner with Andre
Year: 1981
Director: Louis Malle
A conversation between two friends Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn-playing versions of themselves, Should not be this engaging, but the dialogue is so lyrical and so full of unique story telling and so focused on cutting through life crap that it never draws. Gergory is the spiritual traveler, and Shawn is the cynical skeptics surprised by a much needed stirring in his soul. It is a film about connection and perception and push back against distractions that numb.- Josh Jackson

knife-in-the-water.jpg9. Knife in the Water
Year: 1962
Director: Roman Polanski
Roman Polanski has never seemed particularly interested in the better angels of our nature. The dark side of men’s souls, has been a central theme in almost every Polanski movie, but it was his first feature, 1962’s The knife in the water , like distilled due to the cruelty of human nature to a free three people voting and claustrophobic confines of a sailboat . It is a multi-layered study of the simple and subtle savage extremes that people may stray. The film is the story of a well to do couple, Andrzej and Kristyna, who take a day trip to sail Poland’s lake country. On the way to their boat they almost run over, then befriend a hitchhiking student. The ensuing conflict unfolds with masterly skill, creation of voltage controlled stimulation and brilliant composition frame.- Tim Sheridan

seventh seal.jpg8. The Seventh Seal
Year: 1957
Director: Ingmar Bergman
It is fitting that Criterion’s sterling new edition of The Seventh Seal-a pillar of world cinema ever since its release in 1957 troubled brow Antonious Block (a role that made Max von Sydow a star) graces the cover, rather than the portentous silhouette of death (Ekerot).Long term comic shorthand for art-house existential seriousness (see Monty Python, Conan anniversary show or Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, etc.), moving the focus back to the haggard figure alone Block and his deadly question: what is the meaning of life? Amid black plagues, witch hunts, passion plays and bawdy songs, Knight (and Bergman himself) delves deep into those dark ages and finds a core of affirmation.- Andy Beta

Joan-of-arc.jpg7. A woman’s martyrdom
Year: 1928
Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer
In the early 15th century, the French saint Joan of Arc (Renee Maria Falconetti) goes on trial for heresy-believing that God gave her a task force English by France. The church jury found her guilty, resulting in public execution. Roger Ebert said, “You can not know the history of silent film if you do not know the face of Renee Maria Falconetti.” I take it a step further and say that you can not know the history of film in general if you do not know her face. from chronological documentary style, the big close-ups, one of the best performances ever caught on screen, a woman’s martyrdom marked a milestone in filmhistorien.Dreyer confirmed that the film would be more than entertainment-that it could be art.- David Roark

Wings-of-desire.jpg6. Wings of Desire
Year: 1987
Director: Wim Wenders
Wim Wenders’ depiction of a pair of angels and the people they observe has a dreamlike quality, no doubt with the help by shooting most of the scenes in a sepia-toned black-white. A novel in the heart, Wings of Desire is also a recognition and exercise of the power of narrative perspectives shape the audience’s experience. Angels Damiel (Bruno Ganz) and Cassiel (Otto Sander) spend so much time to observe and reflect on what it means to be human viewers of the film can not help but make same.- Michael Burgin

Babettes-feast.jpg5. Babette’s Feast
Year: 1988
Director: Gabriel Axel
There is not much suspense in this story about a Danish strict religious sect, whose internal divisions melted by an extravagant party (one they fear for all its exotic French origin) -but this winner the best foreign language film Oscar is an exquisite celebrate the joy of food and fellowship and a great parable of grace.- Tim Regan-Porter

my-life-as-a-dog.jpg4. My Life as a Dog
Year: 1985
Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Lasse Hallstrom directs this story about a young boy who is sent to live with relatives in his mother’s sjukdom.Fylld with off-beat characters and situations, My Life as a Dog is a fun, gripping, popular image that conducts some of life’s biggest questions through the eyes of a 12 year old without being overly sentimental or trite. (Warning: Early dubbed version is so horrible that it can actually ruin the film deal with subtitles ..) – Michael Burgin

Paris texas.jpg3. Paris, Texas
Year: 1984
Director: Wim Wenders
in a career redefining performance by Harry Dean Stanton, 1984’s epochal Palme d’Or-winning Paris, Texas placed even West German director Wim Wenders in the foreground of the decade, art-house cinema, a position later cemented by Wings of Desire . Harrow yet nuanced, breathe prisoners and heartbreaking, infused with a humanity rarely captured on celluloid, none of the film’s emotional power dimmed over the past quarter century. No wonder there was reportedly a favorite of everyone from Kurt Cobain to Elliott Smith, and an artistic touchstone of U2’s The Joshua Tree. Wenders’ gloomy, unique vision of an emotionally alien America is a cinematic masterpiece.-Andy Beta

breathless.jpg2. Breath
Year: 1960
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Are you interested in the perfect jump-off point for a Jean-Luc Godard adventure? Want to see one of the most important films, no joke, in film history? Could not care less about legacy and artistic revolution, and only want to spend 90 minutes watching a really excellent crime movie? If you answered “yes” to any … well, you know the rest. Breathless is Godard’s first feature film, and arguably his best.With the large, roguish Jean-Paul Belmondo as a potential criminal and Humphrey Bogart devotee makes a terrible mistake, and must turn to his American girlfriend (Jean Seberg) for help while the Paris police are trying to trace him. The story is fantastic, but it is the introduction of Godard’s style, light and dramatic all at once, which really turned heads and attracted more than two million French moviegoers to the theater and affect countless directors to the present. Breath broke the mold and signaled to the rest of the world something very exciting, a New Wave had begun.- Shane Ryan

fanny-alexander.jpg1. Fanny and Alexander
Year: 1982
Director: Ingmar Bergman
culmination of a career of cinema real champion, Fanny and Alexander slips through childhood memories with a strong sense of emotion-to be the happy, mystical, tragic and surprising. When it came out, Ingmar Bergman showed the film as a kind of conclusion to his life’s work. Of course, he could not stop flat, and continued to write the script and direct the Swedish TV for two decades, but Fanny and Alexander has a grandeur suited to limit such a storied karriär.Bergman studying three generations of a family and visit the ornate settings and tight, easily moved from one scene to the next virtuoso while creating an engulfing sense of mystery and awe.- Jeremy Mathews


Hulu (stylized as Hulu ) is an American subscription video on demand service owned by Hulu LLC, a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company (through Disney-ABC Television Group) (30%), [8] 21st Century Fox (by Fox Entertainment Group) (30%), Comcast (through NBCUniversal) (30%), and as of August 10, 2016 Time Warner (by Turner Broadcasting System) (10% minority interest). [2] [9]

It is Primarily focused on the television series, Carrie’s current and past episodes of the series from the owners’ respectively the television networks and other content providers. It was formerly Divided into free and paid levels, with the free service is limited in the Amount of content available from the user and is accessible via PC and a paid service with a larger library of content and access via Hulu applications for various mobile and connected devices. The subscription service is in turn Divided into advertising-supported and mostly ad-free levels. In 2016, Hulu was spinning its free content in a joint venture with Yahoo, Yahoo! View, and Also Announced That it intends to launch a service with live TV program sometime in 2017.


The name comes from two Hulu Mandarin Chinese words, Hulu (葫芦/葫蘆), “gourd, bottle gourd,” and Hulu (互录/互錄), “interactive recording”. The companys blog Explains:

In Mandarin, Hulu has two interesting meanings, was very relevant to our Mandate. The primary importance interested us Because it is used in an old Chinese proverb That describes Hulu as holder of precious things. It translates literally “gourd”, and in ancient times Hulu was hollowed out and used to keep valuable things. The secondary meaning is “interactive recording”. We saw two definitions as appropriate bookends and very relevant to the mission of Hulu. [10]


Senior executives instrumental in the founding of Hulu include Bruce Campbell, [11] Peter Chernin, [12] JB Perrette, [13] Michael Lang, [14]Beth Comstock and Jason wedges. The initiative was Announced in March 2006 by AOL, Comcast, Facebook, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo are planned as “initial distribution partners.” Kilar was named CEO in June 2006. [15] [16] The name Hulu was Chosen at the end of August 2007, When the site went live, with just a message and no content. It invited users to submit Their Email Addresses for the upcoming beta test. [17] In October Began Hulu private beta testing by invitation, and later allowed users to invite friends. [18] Hulu Launched for public access in the United States on 12 March 2008. [7] The first product to be Launched was HULU syndication network, Which has been Designed and developed by NBC Universal teams from New York, October 29, 2007 Followed by Hulu .com destination website.

Hulu Began an Advertising Campaign During The NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII with an initial ad starring Alec Baldwin titled “Alec Huluwood”. [19] The ad seeks to humorously revealing “shocking secret behind Hulu,” portray the place as an “evil plan to destroy the world “by suggesting Baldwin That is really an alien in disguise. [20] Site has since late by Eliza Dushku, Seth MacFarlane, Denis Leary, and Will Arnett.

In July 2007, Providence Equity Partners, owner of Newport Television, Became one of the earliest “outside” investors by buying a 10 percent stake in the company for US $ hundred million capital investment, [21] Before the company was known as “hulu “. [22] With his investment was a place on the board, where Providence was said to act as an” independent voice on the board. ” [22] In October 2012 Providence sold its 10 percent stake to” Hulu media owners “and ceased to Participate in the Board. [22]

In early 2010, said Hulu CEO Jason Kilar service had made a profit in Two Directions and thatcould top $ 100 million in revenues from the summer of 2010, morethan Their income for all of 2009. ComScore says monthly video streams Reached 903 million in in January 2010, more than three times the figure for the previous year, [23] and second only to YouTube. [24]

August 16, 2010 revealed a report That Hulu is planning an Initial Public Offering (IPO) thatcould value the company at more than $ 2 billion. [25] [26]

On June 21, 2011 The Wall Street Journal reported That an “unsolicited offer” caused Hulu to start “considering Whether to sell itself.”[27] On October 13, 2011, however, Hulu and its owners Announced That They would not sell the Company, Because none of the bidders Offered a sum that was satisfactory for Their owners. [28]

It was reported That in 2011, Hulu made $ 420 million. The figure was $ 80 million less than the Anticipated revenue. [29]

The vacant CEO post officially filled forms by Fox Networks CEO Mike Hopkins on October 17, 2013. [30]

In May 2016 Hulu Announced That it planned to start offering an over-the-top IPTV service with “live programming from broadcast and cable brands,” sometime in 2017. [31]

On August 8, 2016 Hulu Announced That it would stop the availability of its free streaming service through its own platform, making it oriented only subscription services. In turn, the company Announced a partnership with Yahoo! to move this free content, Which Mainly consists of the latest episodes of ABC, Fox and NBC series, a new website called Yahoo! View. [32] [33] [34]

content partners

After the Start of Their service, Hulu signed agreements with Several new content providers to make more materials available to Consumers.

30 April 2009 The Walt Disney Company Announced That it would join the venture, buying a 27 percent stake in Hulu. [8]

From August and 15 August 2011, viewers of content from Fox and The Associated network required to authenticate paid cable or satellite service wherever Fox streams episodes, including Hulu, to be able to watch them on the morning after the first airing. Non-subscribers will see These episodes delayed one week before They Can Be DISPLAYED. [35]

On 28 October 2011, the Hulu That They had inked a five-year agreement with The CW, Which is given access to the streaming site the next day content from five of the six major networks. [36]

On September 18, 2013 Hulu Announced a multi-year contract with the BBC Which will deliver 2,000 episodes from 144 different titles in the first 12 months. [37]

In 2015 Began Hulu offers content from Showtime for an extra $ 8.99 / month, still cheaper than Showtime’s own streaming service.CBS is the only major network That is not available on Hulu, despite offering the CBS-owned Showtime and CBS co-owned CW . [ citation needed]

On June 16, 2016 Hulu Announced an agreement with Disney-ABC Television Group for the exclusive SVOD rights to previous seasons of Seven Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD series, and more than 20 Disney Channel original movies. [38]

On September 18, 2016 were all content from The CW away from Hulu, as The CW’s own website and the program Became the exclusive portal for streaming Their shows in the current season, with Netflix Become the exclusive streaming provider for The CW show mail-stream season. [39]

Hulu subscription service

At an industry conference on October 21, 2009 News Corporation Deputy Chairman Chase Carey saidthat Hulu “needs to be developed to have a meaningful subscription model as part of its business” and That it would probably start charging for at least some content from the 2010 . [40] Carey’s comment jibes with other News Corp. headers, including Rupert Murdoch has Expressed a desire to charge for content with a number of online devices. [41]

Hulu monthly subscription service called Hulu Plus Launched in beta (preview) on 29 June 2010 [42] and officially Launched on 17 November 2010. [43] Like the free version of Hulu, the content available with a Hulu subscription alsoincludes advertising. But the library offers an enhanced content including full seasons, day after access to current season content and more episodes of shows through the free Hulu. A Hulu subscription overpriced Provides a Wider range of viewing options. The free access to Hulu was only available on personal computers and laptops, while a Hulu subscription allows viewers to access Hulu Hulu through all supported devices, including set-top boxes, smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and more. Little more than a year after the launch of Hulu subscription service, the number of paying subscribers Reached 1.5 million. [44] In May 2016 reported Reached That Hulu had 12 million subscribers.[45]

On April 29, 2015 Hulu Announced to the press That They would do away with the “Plus” brand to Reduce confusion between the paid and free plans. [46]

The Wall Street Journal reported in July 2015 That Hulu Examined an ad-free subscription for around $ 12 to $ 14 per month. [47] This was confirmed as going ahead as September 2, 2015 with a “no advertising” plan costs $ 11.99 , $ 4 more than the $ 7.99 monthly fee for a “limited Commercials” subscription, [48] but some highlight network series (less than 10) would Retain the pre-roll and post-roll ad pods.[49]


Viewership numbers for the site tracked by measurement company ComScore, Nielsen ratings, and Quantcast. In partnership with comScore, Hulu is the first digital company to receive multiple platforms measurement at the individual level That includes co-viewing for living room devices. When factoring this Increased Hulu reach Among A18-49 50 percent.

However, the reliability of These measurements been added, the party Because of a mismatch Estimates. For example, between May and June 2010, ComScore updated its scoring method and Its Estimates Hulu Declined from 43.5 million unique viewers 24 million in a single month. [50] In a comScore Digital Trends 2010 report, comScore’s Digital Year in Review report found That Hulu has seen twice as much as viewers saw on the websites of the five major television networks together. [51]

From 2016, 69 percent of Hulu viewing is done on Conventional TV sets through connected devices. [52]


content partners

Hulu Distributes video on Their own site and syndicate Their host to other sites, [53] and allows users to embed Hulu clips on Their Sites.[7] In addition to NBC, ABC and Fox shows and movies, Hulu carries shows from networks like A & E, Big Ten Network, Bravo, E! Fox Sports 2, FX, G4, Ion TV, NFL Network, Oxygen, RT America, Fox Sports 1, Esquire Network, SundanceTV, Syfy, USA Network, NBCSN and online sources Such as comedy Onion News Network. [54] Hulu retains between thirty and fifty percent of the advertising revenue generated by the shows it Distributes. [23]

In November 2009, Hulu Began to Establish partnerships with the record labels to host music videos and concerts in place, including EMI in November 2009, [55] and Warner Music Group in December 2009. [56]

At the beginning of March 2010, Viacom Announced That it took two of the site’s most popular show, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show , outside Hulu. [57] These programs were airing on Hulu since the end of 2008. [58] A spokesman for Viacom Noted that “in the current economic model, there is not much in it for us to Pursue at this time. If They Can get to the point where the monetization model is better, then we can go back. ” [58] In February 2011, both shows were made available for streaming on Hulu again.

Original content

Further information: List of original programs distributed by Hulu

As of January 17, 2011 Hulu has streamed its own internal web series, The Morning After , a lighthearted pop-culture news. It is produced by Hulu Conjunction with Jace Hall’s HDFilms and stars Brian Kimmet and Ginger Gonzaga. Producing the show is a first for the company, Which has been Previously Primarily a content distributor. [59]

January 16, 2012 Hulu Announced That it would airing its first original language based program titled Battle , scheduled to air in February 2012. The program will be broadcast on Hulu for free Web service rather than on subscription-based Hulu Plus. Battlefield is described as A documentary-style political drama. [60]

Later That month, Announced Hulu would air The Fashion Fund , a six-party reality series, and the winner of the show will receive $ 300,000 to start his career. [61]

To continue with its original software movement, Hulu Announced thatthere will be a total of seven original programs scheduled to air on Their service: Battle , day in life , and up to speed was mentioned EARLIER; and 19 April, Hulu added four more shows to his list: Do not Quit Your Daydream , Flow , The awesomes and We Got Next . Some of These programs Began airing in 2012, while others will premiere in the coming years. [62]

On May 21, 2012 Hulu Announced it would bring Kevin Smith to its line-up of original programming. Smith hosted a movie talk show titledSpoilers , Which Began airing in the summer of 2012. [63]

South Park

On July 12, 2014 it was Announced That Hulu had signed a three-year agreement to purchase exclusive online streaming rights to South Park Library. Through the deal, the South Park Studios website was run by Hulu video and advertising experience. [64] Along with this, the domain name is changed from “” to “”. [65] [66 ] Previously, the show had been removed from Netflix, alongwith other titles. [67] The new website was Launched due to some technical issues, but everything was fixed and fans have the opportunity to look at the full, uncensored [68] episodes , and cut back on and Hulu. For viewers outside the US, episodes and clips stream still by the “classic” South Park player and nothing changed except the new site design. A handful of countries havetheir own localized versions of South Park Places – the fans of In These countries can continue to watch the episodes and interact with other fans just like before. [69]

It was Announced That beginning in September 2014 after the premiere of the 18th season, only 30 selected episodes will be presented for free viewing at a time on the site, with new episodes’ve become available for a whole month starting on the day after Their original airings . The entire series is available for viewing on Hulu subscription service.

AT & T

On May 14, 2015 AT & T Reached an agreement with Hulu That would give its customers access to streaming services on Both standard and premium levels. [70]

Neon Alley

In early April 2014 Neon Alley, a Viz Media is owned 24/7 anime oriented streaming servicethat started October 2, 2012, [71] streaming bothering to American and Canadians Kingdom market (similar Æsir Media Group LLC and Valkyrie Media Partners LLC’s Anime Network , The Chernin Group and TV Tokyo ‘s Crunchyroll and Aniplex of America’s Aniplex Channel), suspended its web network format and re-launched as a Free Video on Demand (FVOD) service streaming anime to the US market through its web site or Internet – connected devices via Hulu. As a result, with Hulu can not flow to the Canadian market, ended Neon Alley streaming to this market and limited its service to only the US market. This leaves the Anime Network, Crunchyroll, Daisuki and Aniplex Channel as the only anime oriented streaming streaming services to the Canadian market, while the US market, but These four all Continues today. On July 21, 2016 Tubi TV Announced That They had Begun streaming of certainement Viz titles in Canada. [72]

It Should be Noted That Hulu is known for streaming anime titles from the many Distributors, including Funimation, TMS Entertainment, and Bandai Visual except Viz Media.


  • A + E Networks: A & E, FYI, History, Lifetime
  • AMC Networks: AMC, SundanceTV, WE TV, BBC America
  • ANO TV Novosti: RT America
  • CBS content in Japan and now the US
  • Discovery Communications: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Discovery en Español, Discovery Digital Networks, Destination America, Investigation Discovery, TLC, Discovery Family
  • 21st Century Fox: Fox, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, FX, FX Movie Channel, FXX, National Geographic Channel, Big Ten Network, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2
  • NBCUniversal: CNBC, MSNBC, NBC, NBCSN, Oxygen, Syfy, USA Network, Bravo, E!
  • Showtime (for $ 8.99 / mo extra)
  • Time Warner: Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, The CW, TNT, TBS
  • Viacom Media Networks: BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, TV Land, VH1, Spike, CMT, Logo TV
  • Disney: ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, FreeForm, Fusion
  • ion Television
  • Starz Inc. Starz
  • Azteca International Corporation: Azteca
  • PBS: PBS Kids

Producers and Distributors

  • 21st Century Fox
  • ABC
  • Aniplex of America
  • Cinedigm
  • Cablevision
  • CBS Corporation
  • Discothèques Media
  • DreamWorks Pictures
  • Endemol
  • Funimation
  • Green Apple Entertainment
  • Maiden Japan
  • media blasters
  • NBCUniversal
  • NIS America
  • Nutri Ventures Corporation
  • right stuf
  • Sentai Filmworks
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Time Warner
  • Univision
  • Viacom
  • Viz Media
  • Entertainment Wise

International platforms

  • Drama Fever (Asian and Latin programs)
  • Viki (Asian program)

Hulu Exclusive

  • Dam Keeper (TBA) (Japan only)
  • Marvel The Runaways (TBA)
  • Dimension 404 (TBA)
  • Handmaid’s Tale (2017)
  • Shut Eye (2016)
  • Chance (2016)
  • Freakish (2016)
  • The Road (2016)
  • 22.11.63 (2016)
  • All My Children (2013)
  • The Booth at the End (2011 US & Japan)
  • Casual (2015-present)
  • Coronation Street (2013-present)
  • Deadbeat (2014-present)
  • Difficult people (2015-Present)
  • East Los High (2013-present)
  • Endgame (2011)
  • Fresh meat (only 2012 US)
  • Home and Away (2015-present)
  • The Hotwives (2014-present)
  • Line of Duty (2012-2014)
  • Little Mosque on the Prairie (2007-2012)
  • The Mindy Project (2015-present)
  • Misfits (2011 only)
  • Bastard (2011 only)
  • Moone Boy (2013-present)
  • Mother Up! (2013-present)
  • Neighbors (2014-present)
  • One Life to Live (2013)
  • The Only Way Is Essex (2010-present)
  • Pramface (Only 2012 US)
  • Prisoners of War (2010-present)
  • The Promise (2013)
  • Reef. (Only 2011 US)
  • Spy (2011 US only)
  • Strait (2012)
  • Thick of it (2012 only)
  • White’s (2011 only)
  • The Yard (2011 only)


As of June 2015 is not available Internationally outside the United States and Japan access to Hulu. [73]

Nippon Television’s acquisition of Hulu Japan service

2013 Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon Television) Acquired Hulu Japan operations. The transaction, Which is Subject to Certain regulatory conditions marked Nippon Television’s Entry into SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) business. The acquisition Continues Hulu service to victims Japanese Consumers premium content, including Hollywood and Japanese movies and dramas and popular television programs. In addition, Nippon TV popular programs and original exclusive content was Launched on Hulu service in Japan, expanding its content offering. [74] Japanese users have access to a library of popular television shows, Such as the CSI franchise,Grey’s Anatomy , Prison Break , and Ugly Betty , and like movies like Armageddon , Men in Black , and Pirates of the Caribbean . [75]

International expansion

In July 2010, the Financial Times revealed That Hulu had been working on plans for an international launch of Hulu Plus for months, and had Identified Britain and Japan markets where its free website and subscription model Could usefully work. [76] Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Expressed his conviction That the American model can be replicated elsewhere, said “We will not be satisfied Until this is a global service.” [77] Hulu first expansion into the international market was the launch a service in Japan on september 1, 2011. [78]

Absence of Canadian market

Hulu is not to start in Canada Because of the Relatively small size of the Canadian online advertising market [79] and since the Canadian Television Networks Already have exclusive online streaming rights in Canada Several departments available on Hulu, including many mainstream American television network applications. [80] The absence of Hulu in the Canadian market aroused the concern of fans of the sitcom The Mindy Project When it was canceled by Fox in the spring of 2015 and then picked up by Hulu, show Canadian broadcasters, town, then Announced it would continue airing series in Canada. [81] Currently, the Canadian Consumers have access to Several other streaming systems, including a Canadian version of Netflix, Shomi, CraveTV and Crackle, but with bothering Shomi and CraveTV streaming any programming from inaccessible to Canadian viewers platforms like Hulu and Amazon.

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