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Posted on November 17, 2016 in Films

The 35 best things to watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Our Pick of the streaming service’s highlights, updated for July 2016

We know, we know: there’s too much choice these days. You can not just sit down and watch a movie Because there are too many to choose from, so you just spent hours scrolling through potential films and then go to bed.

Not now, you do not – everything on this list is worth watching. And we know, Because we’ve watched them all. The lengths we go to keep you guys happy, uh …

Of course to watch the films and television shows, here you’ll need an Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription . Come on, you did not think it was going to be free, did you?

Also You’re going to need a player That supports it. Take your pick from any of the various Roku players plus Google Chromecast, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox One and of course Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick. Indeed, you’ll find some amazing Amazon Prime Day deals on the Amazon Fire TV Stick right now.

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An office drone by day, Elliott Alderson (brilliantly played by Rami Malek) is Also a morphine-dependent keyboards vigilante who hacks the lives of everyone he meets. That is Until he’s lured in by Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) to join the hacktivist group ‘F Society’, Whose grand plan is to cancel world debt by attacking the ubiquitous conglomerate E Corp. (S Evil Corp, as Elliott calls it).

Cue a trip down a rabbit hole That twists through Lynchian dream sequences, episode-long musings about the hack variability of human minds, and a mounting sense of paranoia That leaves you suspicious of everything down to Elliott’s malfunctioning radiator.

That Mr. Robot resists Hollywood’s ‘Computers for Dummies’ approach to the Internet is just one of the Reasons Why it’s great. The others are That it’s stylishly shot, unpredictable and offers a new take on cyberpunk, while wearing its influences ( The Matrix , Fight Club and American Psycho ) as proudly as the badge on its title character’s shirt.

Season 1 is available for binge-watching right now, while season 2 is being released one episode per week every Thursday.

Watch Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime Instant Video


Before director Alejandro González Iñárritu became a heavy hitter in Hollywood (he’s the Man Responsible for The Revenant andBirdman ) he made his first feature film Amores Perros in his native Mexico – and it was very much a sign of things to come. Telling three separate stories That literally collide into bone-crunching fashion on the streets of Mexico City, it’s a debut That demonstrates skills far beyond a first-time director and plonked Gael García Bernal well and truly on Hollywood’s radar. Just make sure you cover Fido’s eyes During the dog-fighting scenes – you do not want him getting any ideas.

Watch Amores Perros on Amazon Prime Instant Video


It May be hard to imagine or remember now, but once upon a time Formula 1 was a nail-bitingly, knuckle-whiteningly exciting. That was partly down to the cars, partly down to the endangerment and partly down to the personalities, and perhaps no era combined Those three elements more Dramatically than the late 80s and early 90s, When The awesomely charismatic Ayrton Senna set the world alight with his daring, aggressive and record-smashing racing, much to the chagrin of Alain Prost, with Whom a bitter, vicious rivalry was formed.

It was an incredible few years of fierce fighting bothering on and off the track, and Asif Kapadia’s blockbusting documentary beautifully captures the glamor of racing at that time, Senna’s raw appeal and effortless, natural talent, and the devastating Consequences of getting it wrong in an F1 car. If we have one complaint, it’s that making it cinematic overpriced Meant keeping it to a tight running time That MEANS some incredible footage is missed out. We’d happily have sat through a documentary that’s twice this long.

Watch Senna on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The X-Files (SEASONS 1-9)

The new series of The X-Files , The Producers Which sadly Declined to call the Older Mulder Folders , has not yet hit VOD, but while we wait for it to turn up, why not freshen up your X-knowledge by watching every episode Leading up to it.

This will take a while – over 150 hours, in fact – but you’ll meet some old friends: the stretchy, yellow-eyed cannibal Eugene Tooms, the frighteningly intense Luther Lee Boggs (played by guest star Brad Dourif), That Guy Who Would not Pray the the Allowed to Smoke in Public Places all Those These Days, and – most memorable of all – Scully’s enormous wardrobe of coats.

Watch The X-Files on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team at Britain’s top-secret code-breaking center, Bletchley Park, During The darkest days of World War II.

Benedict Cumberbatch steals the show as the awkward genius in One of the Most Important, interesting, tough and painful movie of Recent years.

Watch The Imitation Game on Amazon Instant Video



There’s a moment in Paddington thatwill make you jump off the sofa and howl out loud in agony. Whether you’re a grown-ass adult or bushy-eyed sprog, this filmic ode to everyone’s favorite marmalade fiend finds a way to nestle itself around your heartstrings.

It’s stuffed full of belly laughs, impeccable voice acting from Ben Whishaw and a refreshingly affectionate take on immigration. Can a Peruvian bear vanquish the dastardly Nicole Kidman, and find a home for himself in Blighty? We’re not telling, but you’ll have a blast finding out.

Watch Paddington on Amazon Instant Video


What if the Allies had lost the Second World War, and America was Currently ruled by Germany in its eastern half and Japan in its western half? Well, you can find out in this big budget Amazon Prime original series, a thriller Which zips around a 1960s North America that’s more “Yes wohl!” Than “Aw shucks!”.

Dealing with the underground resistance groups, various plots and an alternative Cold War (waged between Imperial Japan and the German Reich, now the world’s only superpowers), it’s the kind of series That’ll appeal to history buffs, sci-fi fans and anyone who’s into high-concept, high-budget television.

Watch The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Instant Video


If you thought the Australian cinema Began and ended with Crocodile Dundee , brace yourself for two hours with the Cody family – Melbourne’s answer to the Corleone. The Cody’s’ crime of choice is armed robbery (with a spot of drug dealing and murder on the side) but things’ve’ve become complicated When a young relative, 17-year-old J, comes to the stay after his mother dies of a heroin overdose.A towering performance by Jacki Weaver as the Aussie Mob matriarch and Ben Mendelsohn as Pope eldest son (he has ever played anyone who is not a bastard?), Animal Kingdom is arguably the best Organised-crime movie since The Departed .

Watch Animal Kingdom on Amazon Prime Instant Video


Look up the word ‘iconic’ in the dictionary and, if it’s not a very good one (for this is not really how dictionaries are supposed to work), you’ll find Anton Corbijn’s photos of Ian Curtis and Joy Division.

Control , the Dutch director’s biopic of the band’s late frontman, will probably never be as well Regarded As Those stills but thanks to a twitchy and intense performance from Sam Riley, plus the strength of the band’s music and the film’s source material ( Touching from a Distance , written by Curtis’s widow Deborah), few music flicks capture the spirit of a musician with the artistic elegance of Control .

Watch Control on Amazon Instant Video

Under the Skin

An alien takes the shape of a woman and travels across Scotland, seducing men to harvest Their flesh. The premise is simple enough for a low-budget indie flick but there’s much more than meets the eye here, as the title implies. Rarely has there been a bolder piece of cinema.And by That we mean it unapologetically screws with your head.

To Clarify this as sci-fi would be a gross oversimplification. It starts off like a straight-up predator movie but morphs into a coming-of-age / road-trip story told from the alien’s perspective. Scarlett Johansson’s performance is disturbing and mesmerizing.

This is an aggressively artsy experiments. Director Jonathan Glazer mixes heavily stylized visuals with hidden-camera footage; much of the film does not even make sense. But mostly That does not matter. It’s chilling enough to command the attention and the sense of unease is so gripping It Will Affect you Regardless of your understanding.

It’ll Certainly polarize opinions, but if you’re open to something very different it’s a singular and utterly compelling experience.

Watch Under The Skin on Amazon Prime Instant Video



It might adhere to one of the main Horror Movie Rules Outlined in Scream – having sex more Often than not ends in your grisly demise – but the stylishly shot it Follows is anything but formulaic. Its killer curse stalks victims slowly but incessantly, disguised as a normal passerby, family member or friend, and thatgives It Follows a sense of helpless dread That does not let up Until the credits roll.

Watch It Follows on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Walking Dead (S1-5)

The zombie apocalypse scenario has now been covered so many times That When The dead do Eventually start clawing Their way out of the ground into a shambling tide of brain-hungry violence, it’ll hardly be worth mentioning. That’s not to say That it does not make cracking the TV, though, and if you’re one of the few people who has not yet seen The Walking Dead , you owe it to yourself to do so now.

Watch The Walking Dead on Amazon Prime Instant Video


Do not let this fantastic movie be swallowed up by its own meme. Yes, the climactic scene bunker with Hitler re-Subtitled as Boris Johnson (or whoever – all your favorite modern-day losers havebeen done at least once) can be very funny, but thatshould not make it impossible to watch The Originals The First Time without our ring.

It’s really not a tittery film, Following The Last Hours of Hitler’s life with sweaty intensity as the Allies close in on Berlin. Bruno Ganz is superb as the increasingly deranged monorchic dictator, and Should have at least won the Oscar for Best Moustache.

Watch Downfall on Amazon Instant Video

The Fall (S1-2)

If you missed this Belfast-set drama When it was originally broadcast by the BBC, Amazon is here to help you rectify your mistake. A tense show centering on two compelling characters – Gillian Anderson’s icy, complex detective and Jamie Dornan’s obsessive serial killer –The Fall is equal parts police procedural and psychological thriller.

We all alreadyloggedin knew that Anderson was a fantastic actor, but ex-model Dornan is perfectly cast and surprisingly Affecting as an apparently normal, caring family man with a deep-seated sickness lying just beneath the surface.

With the second series Recently Added to Amazon Prime’s line-up, and a third right out on the BBC, there’s never been a better time to let The Fall’s cold grip get a hold of you.

Watch The Fall on Amazon Prime Instant Video now

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Sometimes science fiction is all about spaceships and explosions and men in silly costumes waving giant glow sticks at eachother;sometimes it’s about a vision of the near future, or even a parallel married, that’s close enough to our reality to properly sting.

Eternal Sunshine is mostly a modern love story, the inspired twist That being in this world you can pay to have all the memories of a person Unspecified erased from your mind. It’s complicated and clever but ultimately warm and honest; Most impressively of all, it’s got Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in it and you do not want to shoot either of them.

Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on Amazon Video


The Hurt Locker

Jeremy Renner steps into a hot and bulky blast suit in this tense flick, Which thrusts you straight into the front lines of the Iraq war.

Uncomfortably tense scenes where death is but a wire snip away make for some seriously breath-holding moments, while the Underlying physiological toll of war seeps into the performances of the entire cast. Arguably one of the grittiest and best modern war movies sinceBlack Hawk Down .

Watch The Hurt Locker on Amazon Instant Video


Amazon’s been trying to “do a Netflix” by creating its very own blockbusting television shows for ages now, but this is the first time it’s got it right. For a start, Transparent is really bold – it tells the story of a sixty-something divorcee announcing to his three grown-up kids That he’s always felt different and is now going to live as a woman.

Sounds heavy, and it kind of is, but it’s overpriced darkly funny, with a degree of wit and sharpness that’s still rare even in this golden age of television. The bickering between the three kids (each of Whom is riddled withtheir own individual problems and peccadillos) ice as chucklesome as it is awkward and real. Amazing telly.

Watch Transparent on Amazon Prime Instant Video now

Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey has made an extraordinary about-turn in the last couple of years, going from Among the leading-man roles in romantic comedies to full-blown Oscar contender. And the McConaissance kicked off with this movie, In which he plays Ron Woodruff – a macho Texan who’s Diagnosed with AIDS and given 30 days to live. He quickly defies doctors’ gloomy predictions by using unapproved drugs; and sets up a smuggling business in the pharmaceuticals from Mexico fellow patient. McConaughey’s easy charisma given way to a fierce desperation as the film progresses, and Woodruff faces down bothering the Prejudice faced by AIDS sufferers in the ’80s, and the bureaucratic indifference of the FDA.

If at first glance it Seems like an Oscar-baiting checklist – AIDS! Gay and transgender characters! Weight loss! – It quicky Reveals itself as a compassionate, unflinching portrait of a many-layered man.

Watch Dallas Buyers Club on Amazon Prime Instant Video


If Blood, Sweat and war is what you want to see, then Vikings  Should be high on your to-watchlist, being That it contains some of the best TV battle scenes you’ll find.

IT FOLLOWS the adventures of legendary raider Ragnar Lothbrok, who starts out as a mere farmer – albeit one who Claims to be a descendant of the Norse Odin good. He rises to Become a Respected Earl of his settlement Kattegat, whilst enforcing his reputation as a fierce warrior. With plenty of action, deceit, atrocious hairstyles, scenery-chewing performances and almost educational storylines,Viking is a must watch.

Watch Vikings on Amazon Prime Instant Video now


Looper  is a superb, mind-bending, futuristic, time-traveling action-thriller That sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt assume the role of an assassin Whose job consists of putting a bullet in the head of people teleported to his time by a future mob organization (holy plotline, Batman).

But When The poor sap That Appear before him is his future self (played by Bruce Willis), things get rather, well,  complicated .

The intricate plot ice Strongly complimented by plenty of action and strong performances from all, although Gordon-Levitt’s Bruce Willis-like prosthetic nose is INITIALLY a little distracting.

Watch Looper on Netflix

Words by Esat Dedezade


Sons of Anarchy (S1-7)

All seven seasons of Kurt Sutter’s outlaw biker gang drama are now streaming on Amazon Prime, so if you have not yet binged on the bloody adventures of SAMCRO, there’s no time like the present.

While there’s plenty of mayhem and butchery to delight thrill-seekers, much of the appeal of Sons of Anarchy lies in its almost Shakespearean family drama, full of dark secrets, jealousy, Sins of the father and backstabbing (both figurative and literal). While not always perfect (the ill-advised stint set in Northern Ireland, complete with a fiddle-dee-dee remix of the opening theme tune, springs to mind), the show offers more than enough compelling drama and complex characterization to keep you hooked right through to its harrowing conclusion.

Watch Sons of Anarchy on Amazon Prime Instant Video


It was always going to be a tough ask, Adapting Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s iconic comic book series into a television show, but the makers of Preacher have made an impressive job of it, at least as far as the first (and Currently only) season goes.

Rather than slavishly aping the comics, the show is not afraid to go its own way, building up the backgrounds of beloved characters like Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy and setting up themes and adversaries thatwill doubtless come to fruition in later seasons, rather than plunge straight into the books’ storyline. The jury May be still out on Whether this approach will pay off, but the first season’s style, humor and (thwart incredibly violent) Drama suggest it could go on to attain cult status of its own.

Watch Preacher on Amazon Instant Video


The sensationalist news media is a great subject for a movie, and Jake Gyllenhaal is impressively repugnant as petty criminal turned ambulance-chasing freelance cameraman Louis Bloom. Gyllenhaal’s leading man looks seem a distant memory here; There Seems to be something not quite right in the way Bloom looks, a reflection perhaps of his psyche – this is a journalist unbridled by journalistic ethics, and in a news media desperately seeking ever more attention-grabbing content, thatgives him an edge over his Rivals.

Watch Nightcrawler on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Blue Jasmine

It’s no great secretsthat Woody Allen’s output of late has been patchy to say the least. For every movie with the wide-eyed charm ofMidnight In Paris , there’s been been an interminable Vicky Cristina Barcelona . And that’s not to mention a slew of his movies where an impossibly attractive woman falls for a boring old dude Usually starring Emma Roberts. Blue Jasmine is the perfect tonic to These wet, middle-aged fantasies, not just because it stars the exceptional Cate Blanchett – she’s overpriced fundamentally dislikable. The result is a film about complicated people who are not defined by theirfirst-world problems. Woody without the whimsy? We’re all for it.

Watch Blue Jasmine on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Four Lions

Very dark and very funny, Chris Morris’s farcical account of a group of British Muslims plotting a terrorist attack caused a series of cautious broadcasters to have nightmares with its controversial subject matter. In other hand it could have been a travesty, but Morris has a special talent for Placing the unthinkable on screen and making it funny and heartfelt, in a weird sort of way.

Watch Four Lions on Amazon Prime Instant Video



If you thought the best martial arts films come from Japan or China, The Raid is here to set you right. Filmed and set in Indonesia and directed by Welshman Gareth Evans, this is a showcase for silat, the most incredible martial art you’ve never heard of.

But this film is about more than the stunning fight scenes. The story is tight but Affecting, and takes place almost Entirely in an apartment block That One cop, Rama, has to clearing of very nasty bad guys. It’s thrilling from start to finish, and a must-watch Whether you’re a fan of martial arts movies or not.

Watch The Raid on Amazon Instant Video

BOSCH (S1-2)

Exclusive to Amazon Prime’s and based on Michael Connelly’s crime novels, this show stars Titus Welliver as the eponymous Los Angeles detective. Bosch, it has to be said, is something of a clichéd telly cop (haunted by a troubled past; ex-military; bit of a loose cannon; distrustful of and distrusted by the top brass; damn fine at his job), but thanks to a twisty, turny plot, Welliver’s charismatic performance and a fine Supporting cast, it’s perfect binge-watch material, and with the second season Recently arriving on Amazon, there’s now twice as much material to get your teeth into.

Watch Bosch on Amazon Prime Instant Video now

Attack the Block

Aliens descend on Earth with bad intentions. Aliens land in a South London housing estate.Aliens find out That the South London housing estates Hold Their own kind of dangers. By refusing to cast Judgement – either good or bad – on the action of its teenage protagonist, it leaves you free to make up your own mind. Though you’ll probably be too engrossed in the action to bother. Directed by Joe Cornish (of Adam & Joe fame),  Attack the Block  is scary, funny and very cool.

Watch Attack The Block on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

If you like your espionage dramas served chilled rather than shaken or stirred, this 2011 adaptation of John le Carré’s novel Should fit the bill snugger than a hidden wire tap. Gary Oldman plays it wonderfully understated as world-weary spy-catcher George Smiley, pulled out of retirement to uncover a Soviet mole Among the higher echelons of British intelligence, and the stellar Supporting cast reads like a who’s who of Anglo thespian aristocracy: Colin Firth John Hurt, Tom Hardy, Mark Strong and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on Amazon Prime Instant Video

In the Loop

As horrendous political PR Malcolm Tucker, Peter Capaldi takes swearing to another level in Armando Iannucci’s brilliant, all-too-believable political comedy about inept bungling politicians Their way to war. Some of the best f *** ing swearing on f *** ing movie.

Watch In The Loop on Amazon Prime Instant Video

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Source Code is a little like Groundhog Day , except its stars a dashing Jake Gyllenhaal, takes place almost Entirely on a train, and involves thwarting a terrorist plot whichcould level the entire city of Chicago. OK, so maybe it’s not that similar to Groundhog Day .

Still, a very good sci-fi action thriller with enough twists, existential questions and heart to hook you to the very end.

Watch Source Code on Amazon Prime Instant Video now


It May be set in outer space, but Alfonso Cuarón’s thriller is remarkably contained, grounded, even. There are no flying saucers or little green but here, just a worryingly feasible disaster in orbit That leaves Ryan Stone astronaut stranded miles above the Earth.It’s heavy on spectacle, but for much of the film, the only person on screen is Sandra Bullock – giving a career-best performance as Dr. Stone.

To Achieve the film’s extraordinary long takes in zero gravity, Cuarón used innovative visual effects trickery – The Actors stood inside a box delivering Their lines, while lights moved around them to simulate the lighting sources shifting as Their characters moved. Then Their faces were composited into CGI spacesuits for the final shot – in many sequences, the only real thing in the frame is Sandra Bullock’s face.

Watch Gravity on Amazon Prime Instant Video


Woody Harrelson coasts through a lot of movies, but occasionally he really pulls it out of the bag, and by ‘it’ we mean an Oscar-worthy performance. He is absolutely brilliant in this Bad Lieutenant -esque story of a crooked cop; it might look like a standard police dumb movie but it is perhaps the biggest surprise of the Amazon Instant Video’s back catalog.

Watch Rampart on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Apocalypse Now

Most war films churned out by Hollywood are blinkered, flag-waving odes to thwart imagined heroism, but Apocalypse Now is not like most war films, just like Vietnam was not like most wars.

It tells the story of a missionary up the Nung River to relieve a rogue colonel of his command, stopping along the way to take in some of cinema’s most famous scenes: Captain Willard’s drunken meltdown, helicopters That attack to the sound of Wagner, and surf -mad Lieutentant Colonel Kilgore with his fondness for the napalm.

Watch  Apocalypse Now on Amazon Instant Video


Young English squaddie Gary Hook (the excellent Jack O’Connell) is deployed to Northern Ireland a year before the events of Bloody Sunday. While many might not think of Belfast as a war zone, Hook soon finds himself stranded alone Behind Enemy Lines When a routine house search goes awry. With only the street lights and shadows for company, his search for safety leads to a chance encounter with a junior streetfighter who inadvertently Teaches Hook just how out of his depth he is. ’71 Is more than just good guys versus bad, showing yet again That When it Comes to war there are rarely many real winners.




Movie deal: The range of films contained in the subscription is unfortunately very poor.Often you are simply directed to the Amazon shop and asked to checkout. Only a few hits like James Bond 007 and Kokowääh Could be found.

Serial victims: In some high-caliber series Such as The Big Bang Theory or Breaking Bad have providesprofessional good entertainment.Other series Quantity must ask again to see them. A payment model That makes sense but with Which We Can not really befriend eachother.

Device: Here the Amazon is quite variable: the Kindle Fire, iPad and iPhone, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and Smart TVs are supported. In addition, Amazon Prime Instant Video Can Also be viewed on the computer.

Price: The subscription costs 49 euros per year, or around 4 Euros per month. Who wants to cancel monthly, pays € 7.99 a month.

Conclusion: Because Amazon Instant Video Prime subscription with included and as many other advantages waving on Amazon.de as free shipping, the subscription is highly recommended.

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