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Posted on November 17, 2016 in Films

The well-known from the US streaming provider Netflix Reached in 2014 Germany.

The top 20 movies on Netflix right now: great films, rank

Last Updated: November 18

The Netflix name has meant many things during its relatively short existence as a source for DVDs by mail, a pioneer in online streaming, a network that is responsible for some of the best shows are not on TV, as the first half of the phrase ending “and cold. “It never really developed, but in what some have hoped it would as the source of must see movies, old and new. When it comes to good movies, Netflix’s streaming service is not close to what it was at its height as a DVD-by-mail service: a place to watch from anywhere and anytime. Looking for something new and indie? Netflix probably has you covered. Looking for something beyond description? The service is hit or miss. It’s a great place to watch old episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents , not so good when it comes to watching Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Which is not to say that there are good movies streaming service right now. There is. Narrowing them down to just 20 of the best Netflix movies was not lätt.Ändå This is a ranked list of the best movies on Netflix streaming, no film lover should miss, all of them just a click away. (If the list is skewed a little toward new films from the last few decades, it is mostly because it is how the streaming service skewed.)

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CARLOS - good movies on Netflix


20. Carlos (2010)

Olivier Assayas’ film follows the rise and fall of the terrorist Carlos the Jackal (Edgar Ramirez), from his high-profile crimes in the early 70s to his capture in 1994. It is a work of sweeping ambition of working at the chaos of Post 60 Europe, a run by Ramirez charismatic management performance. Carlos is charming, scary, and ultimately, the type of patetiskt.Filmen available in two forms: a feature length version that compresses the story and a three-part miniseries version that first ran on European television. The latter are essentially three different films, each with its own ton.Den long version is the way to go. Disregard the time and look at it as it was meant to be seen.

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eternal sunshine - good movies on Netflix right now


19. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

What if you could erase your most painful memories? That’s the simple question at the center of this Charlie Kaufman script, Michel Gondry-directed film. The answers are far from simple. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play strangers who meet on a train to Montauk. Or are they? As the film unfolds, it becomes clear that they share a past, though neither can remember – neither the good times or bad. All this is in top form and the film benefits from a contrast of emotions: Winslet course grounded act draws to Carrey’s manic tendencies and Gondry expressive, emotional film emphasizes the beating heart during Kaufman’s heady concepts.

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Gloria Swanson and William Holden in 1950 - Sunset Boulevard


18. Sunset Blvd. (1950)

“Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up … “ Gloria Swanson dreamlike final line was immediately enrolled in cinematic history, but there are a lot of films that led to the classic quotations. Part razor-toothed satire of Hollywood’s tendency to cannibalize its older part film noir display of formal mastery of the director Billy Wilder, everything fiendishly entertaining, the story of a fading movie star (Swanson) and screenwriter (William Holden) she claims as her kept man simmering sleaze. Finished for blackly tidbits chimpanzee funeral, stay for watching Streep from before glamorously implode.

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17. Duke of Burgundy (2015)
Love’s a fragile, conflict, and valuable resource in this sapphic relationship drama from Britain’s newest champion Peter Strickland.Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen) and Evelyn (Chiara D’Anna) roleplaying same masochistic ritual day after day: Evelyn bikes to their homes and spend the whole day carrying out a litany of chores, urinated in the most demanding be betting with dad. Strickland coyly reveals a deeper because of altruism and intimacy between the two, and then dig deeper for finding cracks in the foundation. An unflinchingly honest depiction of self-sacrifice as mature relationships demand, this film was one of last year’s most low-profile triumphs.

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good movies on Netflix


16. A girl walks home alone at night (2014)

After enough time to watch the films, the lack of creativity begins to wear on the soul. Come on, another Iranian feminist vampire Western? Sometimes it’s like a whole week can not go without even a fully realized female voice spontaneously break out in the world of international film, pay tribute to a laundry list of discerning curatorial influences while creating something inimitably his own. Yuk! Have not we just get a stylish, atmospheric wonder wedding a punk sensibility with a passion for the infamous genres redeemed through first class craftsmanship last week, and the week before and the week before? Mix it up a little, Hollywood!

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the act of killing


15. The law of the dead (2013)
From 1965 to 1966, a betrayed political overthrow resulted in an extremely violent reaction from the Indonesian government to eradicate all traces of the Communist Party. Over half a million citizens were slaughtered, many of paramilitary death squads led by relentless killer who is still alive and comfortable without consequences for their outrageous crimes to this day. Fearless, peerless document Joshua Oppenheimer took their cameras to Indonesia and directly confronted some of the most deadly men in squads, challenging them to dramatically restage their murders as if they were in a movie. The results are fascinating, frightening, and unforgettable. As if to work on a roadmap, he methodically chart new depths of humanity’s capacity for evil.

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14. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

With Zucker-Abrams-Zucker brain trust all dried up, Mel Brooks bask in his resignation, Friedberg and Seltzer threats threatening the sanctity of America cineplexes was Long parody floating in the crapper. It was waiting to be flushed once and for all when along came David Wain to fish out and clear out with too hip-to-school frenzy. The last day of the jew’s summer camp firewood ranging from first love to sadness broom balancing competitions to the threat of annihilation from space. The collected alumni State , and any additions welcome makes for one of the largest ensemble casts in recent comedy history and every other line is a gem. When is the ideal time to quote Wet Hot American Summer ? Anytime. Dinner. Literally, anything.

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babadook - Best movies on Netflix right now


13. The Babadook (2014)

One of the best horror films in recent years (and among the best horror movies on Netflix), the Australian director Jennifer Kent The Babadook , like all great horror, is rooted in real concerns. In this case it is a mother’s (Essie Davis, fantastic) fear that her love for her troubled son would be overwhelmed by their resentment of him and the burden he placed on her life. Enter a storybook monsters followed by a disturbing scene after another.

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CONFORMIST - good movies on Netflix right now


12. The Conformist (1970)

Politically charged movies from other countries sometimes run the risk of being misunderstood in translation, but Bernardo Bertolucci goes beyond the specifics of Italian fascism in this gem of artistry and humor. Jean-Louis Trintignant stars as Marcello, a wardrobe gay and bureaucrat wonder just how much of himself that he is willing to bury this fits. Mussolini’s secret police is tasked him with murdering a former professor suspected of subversion, forcing Marcello to draw a line where his ethical ends no longer justified by the relative security they provide. Bertolucci starts in a specific environment, but his quiet contemplations conformity, paranoia and self-suppression ripple out any time and place.

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thin blue line - the best Netflix movies right now


11. The thin blue line (1988)

It is rare that a film can be said to have changed the direction of a genre and changed the world, but it is the case with the thin blue line. An investigation of a miscarriage of justice in Texas, the film received a wrongly convicted man out of prison, and pioneered the use of re-enactments in documentaries. It has been both good and bad over the years, but the director Errol Morris uses it as a powerful tool to show how justice is often a matter of storytelling, and sometimes narrative means lies that do not stand up to scrutiny.

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Moonrise Kingdom


10. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

What initially resembles puppy love between a pair of precocious kids slowly, tenderly turns out to be something much more sophisticated and komplexa.Sam and Suzy (Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward, a couple miracles) both wearing adult pain in their little hearts and comfort they find in each other thus bear heavy emotional weight. As director Wes Anderson arranges some of his most impressive sequences – the climactic flood that any of FW Murnau’s wildest dreams, Suzy and Sam’s homemade Eden on the beach – a tale of wayward adults and children to grab their last chance for sanity expands until it fills the entire island.

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upstream color


9. Upstream Color (2013)

There are independent films, and then there are films of Shane Carruth.Texas autodidact rustled up a paltry $ 50,000 to fund this sci-fi cryptex everything on their own, and to keep costs down, he thought he would write, direct, producing, editing, score, design, cast, and the star of the whole self. If this sounds like unrealistic pursuit of a madman, perhaps it is, but the result is something so unique thought and unabashedly idiosyncratic that it could never have been realized in a studio oppressive yoke. What happens in the film is very much up for debate – it has nothing to do with pigs, orchid flowers, and a pair of lovers played by Carruth and Amy Seimetz – but its formal achievements are obvious. Carruth release film form from the grounds and structure, spinning avant-garde majestically from the wisps of the story, texture, image and sound.

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two days one night


8. Two Days, One Night (2014)
There are no more reliable moving filmmakers than Belgium’s Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, a pair of brothers who have made an intimate, over-the-shoulder character study after another, the following characters forced to make difficult moral choices. Two days, one night is very much in the mold of his earlier masterpiece, separated largely by the unusual presence of bona fide movie star Marion Cotillard as a troubled factory workers who must convince her colleagues to give up their bonuses to she can keep her job. There is no bad place to start with Dardenne – and there are other equally good films on Netflix from Dardenne – but this is as good as any, that is to say it’s a masterpiece.

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7. Melancholia (2011)
It’s nice to Lars von Trier offers a wedding party that almost lasts so long and is so difficult because most weddings before he was a movie about the apocalypse. One of the best scenes in the movie is when a rogue planet called Melancholia pass harmlessly by Earth, just this beautiful objects in the night sky. Of course, later it loops around on a collision course with Earth, but in that moment, we will see the beauty of our own possible destruction.

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6. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
If ever a fifth head would be carved into Mount Rushmore, it would probably be Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch (at least until the publication of Go Set a guard , but let’s not talk about it). Peck performance as Harper Lee Hero – defending an innocent black man against charges of rape – embodies all that is good and decent about American ideals in the middle of a movie very well aware of how often the country fails to live up to these ideals.

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5. Metropolis (1927)
It is impossible to imagine science fiction film without Metropolis , Fritz Lang depiction of a future divided into rich and poor, and threatening to collapse because of it. But Metropolis is more than just a landmark that affected what followed: It’s an amazing, immersive experience filled with remarkable graphics and an operatic sense of drama.

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4. Y Tu Mamá También (2002)
After a time in Hollywood, Alfonso Cuarón returned to Mexico for this tale of two privileged high school boys (Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal) who roadtrip with an older woman (Maribel Verdú) in search a pristine beach. In the process, discovers that the freedom that they had never imagined – and perhaps more freedom than they can handle. Cuarón elegant film unfolds against the background of Mexican political upheaval and plays with notions of upturning the established order on scales both large and small, all the time suggesting that no paradise lasts forever.

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3. Fantasia (1940)
for his studio’s third feature film, Walt Disney decided to get långtgående.Mer ambitious, that is, than to create the first animated feature film, Disney did with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or its stunning follow-up Pinocchio . Fantasia would do slightly less than the combined music and animation that the two had never been combined before. Thanks to a combination of problems with the distributor RKO, wartime shortages, and other factors, Fantasia lost the studio money at a time it desperately needs it. But it is no coincidence that the Fantasia is now mentioned on any list of the greatest animated films of all time. Each segment shot what animation can do, to find connections between sound and image that had never existed before. If you have only seen his most famous, Mickey-starring segment “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” do yourself a favor and see the rest.

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there will be blood


2. There Will Be Blood (2007)
There is no mistaking a Paul Thomas Anderson film for someone else, but that does not mean he is not accustomed to throw out everything that has worked in the past and start over with practically every film. Anderson had developed a fine limited liability company familiar faces with their first four moves. For his fifth, none of them make appearances. Even words are scarce supply in the film’s opening, which finds Daniel Plainview seek and find oil in Texas, a discovery that leads him on a path toward wealth and away from everything that made him human. It is, in some ways, a simple story that Anderson takes place on the broadest possible canvas, using sweeping views to give a man’s journey toward damnation an epic sweep. But, with its mix of money, religion, greed, and the toll taken of progress, it serves as nothing less than a trip into the darkest corners of the American Heart.

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Pulp Fiction - Best movies on Netflix


1. Pulp Fiction (1994)
Quentin Tarantino opus magnum has become a fixture in the dorm walls because of its unflappable cold feeling, super smart dialogue feels simultaneously retro and futuristic and a quartet of immediately iconic performances from Samuel L. Jackson Jheri-curled mushroom cloud the laying muthafucka Jules, John Travolta as internal conflict gangster Vincent Vega, Uma Thurman as Platonic ideals neo femme fatale, and Bruce Willis reinvent throughout his career as a world weary boxer Butch Coolidge. But captivating budding film lovers alone does not win high trash auteurs Cannes Film Festival coveted Palme d’Or. Pulp Fiction stood high above the rash of imitators that followed it by endlessly trying moral concerns, pastiche so ravishingly tight it makes an argument for director DJ, and a Christopher Walken cameo to control them all.

Movie deal: Netflix is unfortunately situated a bit poor in terms of movies streaming.There is something else at his expense with other services. Hits, Such as Inception or The Terminator 2, are set up, but overall, In particular, the top film can not be found.

Serial victims: Quite different in series: Here Netflix can really score. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, or Vampire Diaries – all with it and mostly on the full seasons. Netflix is overpriced Characterized by its own production, Which can no other victims.

Equipment: From smartphones, tablets television all manufacturers to consoles Netflix is available on nearly all relevant devices.

Price: A subscription starts from 7,99 euros per month. For the price you get movies and series in SD resolution on One Device. For Two Devices and 720p resolution you pay € 8.99. At a price of € 11.99 per month, all the media in HD and 4K resolution can be viewed on four devices.

Conclusion: Netflix shiny ne with productions and can score by Prestige.

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